Who is Benjy David?

Who is Benjy David?

Benjy David Fish better known as Benjyfishy online, is an English YouTuber and a player for NRJ Esports Europe. He was born in England on April 2, 2004.  He is one of the top player in Fortnite’s World cup.

Benjy has qualified in the Europe (EU) region for four times and has on 15 million as of now. He is popular because he is one of the youngest players in the Fortnite community which is very competitive and he plays with other big and competitive players including Mongraal, MrSavage and Mitr0. He became a member of NRG Esports on March 19, 2019. He has gained an important place in the heart of people as he is very young, this is the reason he has many fans across all social media platforms.


His total rankings are 139395. In 2019 only, 95000 and in 2020, his rankings were 44395.

All                   139395          

2019                95000          

2020                44395          


Now that he has become popular, he decide to quit school. His mother manages everything for him and she encouraged this decision and asked him to switch to a homeschooling program as he should not be going to school and his primary focus should only be on Fortnite. Homeschooling will allow Benjy to fulfill his dreams while still getting an opportunity to get education. The only thing different is that he won’t be going to the school.

Life Changing Moment

Playing games was the hobby of Benjy, little did he know that it would turn into something as amazing as this and he would become famous in such a short period of time. Becoming a champion has surely become a life-changing moment both for him and his mother. Benjy made a list of goals he wanted to achieve at the start of 2020.

He wanted to join a professional esports organization, gaining 5000 followers on Twitter, and qualifying for Fortnite world cup which is a dream for many. He has achieved these goals that he only dreamt of. He joined NRG esports in March, not only he gained 5000 followers but now he has more than 145,000 followers on twitter and has also qualified for Fortnite world cup-including both singles and doubles events.

Benjyfishy Fortnite Settings

In case you are hoping to become on par with benjyfishy, replicating his Benjyfishy settings can offer you with the best configuration for success. Professional players go through hours to calibrate their Fortnite settings, and the settings will likewise help you comprehend his style of playing better during intense in-game moments.

Support System

His mother is the biggest support system of Benjy. She has encouraged him to quit school and play games, she travels with him so that he can get coaching by England coaches.


Benjy is an inspiration for many. His journey includes many ups and downs. He grew in a place where there was no high speed internet available. He used to play sports physically such as rugby, cricket, soccer, and 10-pin bowling. He had won many trophies for 10-pin bowling. He never knew that he won’t be able to play sports physically in his life ever but that happened and it was very unfortunate.

He got diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease and Sever’s disease, that affected his knees and feet. He thought he won’t be able to dream again as his biggest dream was to become a professional sports man. He went through a really hard time.

As he could not play games physically, he opted for computer games and it became his favorite hobby to distract him from his negative thinking. Nobody believed him when he won the first tournament but soon he became the talk of the town. He lived in a small town where every facility was not available so with the support of his mother, he used to travel two times in a week to get training from England coaches.

Benjy has achieved so much in quite a short period of time is now considered as favorite for both single and doubles events in the World cup. He surely is an inspiration for the younger generation as he did not let his life get affected by the diseases. He did not give up and shifted his dream of becoming a professional sportsman to becoming a world famous online gamer and Youtuber. This shows that when things do not work out as you planned, all you need is to shift your perspective.

Upcoming events

He is going to play in Fortnite world cup for $3 million. He wants to win this event so that he will be able to buy a house for his mother. He says, it is his dream as they are living in a rented house since his father passed away when he was 8 months old and now he 15 years old and wants to do something for his mother who has been on his side and supported him no matter what.

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