How to Boost Your Amazon FBA Business

How to Boost Your Amazon FBA Business

Numerous people just like you have a Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) business and of course, every single one wants to boost sales and make more money. While you may not be able to retire tomorrow if you follow the tips we’re sharing today you should be able to boost your FBA business quite nicely.

Optimize the Title

Nailing your product titles is one of the most important skills you need to try to master. Titles serve several purposes for your FBA business: they grab the buyer’s attention, educate them on what the product is, and they serve as the all-important “keywords” for on-site and search engine searches.

The general guideline you should follow for your titles is:

Brand Name + Product Name + Features (i.e. size, color, use, etc.)

With a little practice, your shoppers will immediately know what you’re selling and you’ll capitalize on high-ranking keywords.

Hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant

Executives, managers, and even teachers have used assistants to support them and their businesses for decades. In recent years, virtual assistants have stepped in and opened a whole slew of benefits, and having an Amazon virtual assistant could be exactly the boost that your FBA business needs.

Working remotely, your Amazon virtual assistant can be employed full-time, part-time, or simply for a temp job-by-job contract. They can work on those tedious tasks that take up too much time or even bring much-needed skills to the table such as copywriting, photoshop, and multilingual translation of your listings.

When looking to hire an Amazon virtual assistant, look for one that has references or comes from a reputable service, is an excellent communicator, fast learner, and able to follow your instructions. When you utilize an expert virtual assistant for your FBA business, you’ll be able to focus on the big picture while they handle the little, yet extremely important, jobs.

Leverage Your Product Reviews

It never hurts to send a single, gentle request to your buyers to submit a review. More and more shoppers head straight to the reviews as soon as they find a product they’re interested in and the more positive feedback your products have, the more likely you are to attract new buyers.

While almost everyone receives negative reviews at some point, the important thing is how you appear to handle the complaint. Be sure to reply and attempt to resolve any perceived slights and even those 3-star reviews can help shoppers decide to buy from you.

Automate Your Prices

Whether you work with a virtual assistant or not, unless your FBA business is lucky enough to not have any viable competition or you’re simply selling super low volumes of products, you seriously need to utilize an automated repricer. Manual repricing is slow, cumbersome, and simply not a good use of your time. Plus it can cost you money.

Take a few minutes to look at the great repricer choices available today and save yourself a lot of time and money overall.

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