What Is Medical Detox?

What Is Medical Detox?

A drug detox is essential for anyone going through addiction treatment and recovery. However, some recovering addicts require the help of a medical detox and rehab program in order to go through their alcohol or drug detox safely. If you are curious about what a medical detox is, who could benefit from one,  and what it involves then you are in luck! Here is an article explaining what a medical detox is.

What is a Drug Detox?

An alcohol or drug detox is a process where an addict begins their addiction treatment and recovery. A detox begins by eliminating the addictive substance from an addicts life. Although addiction recovery is a long journey, an alcohol or drug detox is an essential first step to this life changing procedure. However, an addict needs to be prepared for going through this experience. Withdrawal symptoms occur alongside a detox, and these symptoms can range from uncomfortable to deadly.

What is a Medical Detox?

A medical detox means that a recovering addict undergoes an alcohol or drug detox in a medical or drug rehab facility. These facilities make going through a detox a much safer experience that is endured with dignity. They do this by providing a variety of services. The first is having emergency medical staff and equipment always  on hand in case any withdrawal symptoms progress to a dangerous state. In addition to this, the recovering addict is always surrounded by medical professionals who make the process of a detox less painful. Sometimes this is done by providing medication that has no effect on their addiction recovery, but it does reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Who Needs a Medical Detox?

Not every alcohol or drug detox required medical supervision. However, those who are addicted to prescription opioids or benzos often benefit from a medical detox. This is because these types of drugs have an increased chance of causing life threatening withdrawal symptoms compared to other drug types. This is also true of illegal drugs such as Cocaine (a stimulant) and Heroin, which is another type of opioid. Sometimes extreme alcohol addictions require a medical detox as well. If you are not going through a medical detox and experience withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, extreme vomiting or diarrhea, any symptoms of Cardiac or Respiratory arrest, or any other concerning complications you should seek medical treatment immediately.


A medical detox is an alcohol or drug detox that is endured at a medical or rehab facility. Although not every addiction requires a medical detox, going to a medical or rehab center during this time can reduce the chances of dying from a life threatening withdrawal symptom. These centers help to decrease pain in recovering addicts by providing care and occasional safe medications as well. This type of care can be especially beneficial for those with an opioid, benzos, or extreme alcohol addictions. In addition to promoting the safety of patients, facilities that offer care during a medical detox also advocate for upholding the dignity of the patient throughout the entire process.

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