How to Maintain Eye-health While Working on Digital Screens

Nearly all jobs demand us to work all day in front of digital screens. Continuously focusing on digital screens can have negative effects on your mind and body which you can never even think of. This is a problem which is faced by not only adults but children too!

If you want to save your eyes from the computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain, then here are some tips and tricks to maintain good eye-health.

How to Protect your Eyes from Digital Screens

1.       Follow the 20-20-20 Rule

According to this, after every twenty minutes of looking at a digital screen, one should take a break and stare at something which is located twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This helps in relaxing the eye muscles for a little while.

2.       Control Over Your Diet

There are specific food groups which work well for maintaining different parts of the body. For a perfect vision doctors recommend eating foods enriched with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc.

3.       Good Posture

Ideally the screen should be kept at an arm’s length. Keeping the screen at eye level will eliminate the pain from neck and shoulders.

4.       Wear Blue Light Glasses

A special X-blue UV coating on lenses will help you to shield your eyes from the artificial blue rays which are extremely harmful to your eyes. The computer or blue light glasses have become a game changer for everyone who spends tremendous time glued to a screen.

5.       Appropriate Level of Screen Brightness

Your screen should be lit enough so that no extra pressure is put on eye muscles to focus. Poor lighting can be a major reason for a person’s decreased productivity. It is also responsible for worsening the eye power.

6.       Remember to blink

We often tend to forget blinking when we look at computer screens for long hours. This disrupts the production of tears, therefore, making our eyes dry.

For keeping your eyes healthy, remember to blink after every few seconds.

7.       Eye-tests

Last but not the least, eye-tests should be a part of your health check-ups. After every two years, eye-tests should be conducted even if you are not experiencing any eye troubles.

If your troubles related to computer vision syndrome persist for a longer time, an eye doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

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Cristina Macias
Cristina Macias is a 25-year-old writer who enjoys reading, writing, Rubix cube, and listening to the radio. She is inspiring and smart, but can also be a bit lazy.