Top 3 Reasons to Use PDFBear for Your Online School Needs

Top 3 Reasons to Use PDFBear for Your Online School Needs

It’s September, and all of you, students, are supposed to be in school, learning and hanging out. But, with this pandemic looming over everyone’s heads, that might not be the safest course of action. That’s why institutions, educational ones included, are leaning towards using online resources and tools to continue a semblance of normality for everyone.

Now, online schooling, or online classes, might become the new normal. You’ll still see your mates and teachers but only virtually. Your teachers will ask you to send essays and reports through email. With this, pdfs might become more common since it’s one of the best file formats to send through email. But, you know next to nothing about it!

Here comes your messiah, PDFBear. What’s that? It’s an online pdf tool that’ll aid you in your pdf needs. You don’t have to learn new software to comply. Just use PDFBear, and here’s why.

Converting PDFs made Easy

With PDFBear, you can effortlessly convert or change your pdf to jpg or other file formats. You could do this with other software and applications, especially if you’re already knowledgeable with pdfs. But, for those who are just getting started or only have a slight familiarity with it, this will surely help make things easier.

When you’re unsure how to manipulate pdfs, it is wiser to just convert it to a format you’re already accustomed to, like Word or Excel, rather than spend an entire day learning something that you could’ve just easily done with a free online tool. Of course, when you’re done and ready to send that file to your teacher, you can convert it back to pdf just as easy.

Quick PDF Editing in a Pinch

The website also offers a ton of stuff for modifying your pdf file. Do you need to split a math book into chapters? PDFBear will let you do it fast and hassle-free. You won’t have to fiddle with your default pdf reader and try to do it manually and end up messing the file and deleting it instead. By the way, the site also gives you the option to delete individual pages.

Another software of theirs will allow you to resize or, to be more specific, reduce your document. It won’t make your pdf file visually smaller but instead will lessen the data size of your paper without compromising its quality. Additionally, the website has a repair kit technology that can attempt to fix your damaged or corrupt pdfs.

Extra Layer of Security

Imagine this. You’re adding the finishing touches to your final report for the year. You’re feeling confident that it’s going to get you a high grade, and it may be the best report you’ve ever made. Feeling happy, you step away from your laptop to take a breather. When you come back, you send the file. An hour later, your teacher responds, saying you sent an empty file.

You don’t know what happened. Maybe your younger sibling got to your laptop and did something, or maybe Trevor, a classmate that was jealous of your academic prowess, stole your report and submitted it as their own. You fall down to your knees and wish that you had that extra bit of security for your pdf files.

Lo and behold! PDFBear has granted your wish. The site will let you add an encrypted password to your pdf. Once the password is in place, the file can’t be opened by anyone without the correct passcode. You won’t have to worry about your documents and reports being seen or edited by anyone anymore.


The bottom line here is you could take your time and study and learn how to do all these things with your standard pdf reader/editor. But, do you really need to dedicate your time comprehending and mastering all of those when there is a way to do it easily and instantaneously without the trouble? Didn’t think so.

Cristina Macias
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