Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint online from traditional systems

Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint online from traditional systems

As recently Microsoft has moved its services to the cloud, the SharePoint platform has turned out to be more convenient and promising. Microsoft’s best offering which is Office 365 is a cloud service that accompanies SharePoint on the web. Together they assist organizations with improving their skills and correspondence. Numerous companies have opted for these advantages offered by SharePoint and sales of SharePoint have increased drastically. SharePoint migration from traditional systems to cloud can be a great aspect of an organization’s overall development. If you are also trying to Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online then below mentioned are some of the benefits which will help you make the right decision.

Easy External user management:-

With a traditional system based operation employees find it very difficult to share the data and files as they have to physically transfer it. But with SharePoint online, it can be easily sent online as it only requires a Microsoft account linked to the companies email id. 

Access to one drive for business:-

Once you opt for SharePoint online you get access to one drive for business via SharePoint. One drive allows the employees to store their files and data on the cloud making it very easy and convenient to access. As the data is stored in the cloud there is no need to worry about the security of the data as it is highly secured.

Featured and Updates:-

SharePoint Online provides the best features and keeps on updating its existing software to make the user experience totally worth it. As the software is on the cloud you never need to worry about the new features introduced as they can be added to the system in just a few clicks.

Access around the globe:-

This feature of SharePoint has been amongst one of the best features as it has proven its ability in the pandemic. Once you host SharePoint on the cloud you can access the account from any party of the world at any time. This feature has been a great advantage to all the companies who are using SharePoint and office365 as most of the employees are working from home.

Pay for what you need and save big:-

Every organization has a different way to execute things and this is well known to the providers of office365 and SharePoint so they provide the ability to customize the service according to the company’s needs. This feature makes it possible to save a huge amount of money as you only pay for what you are using.


Security is the number one priority of any company and it is delivered quite well on cloud-based hosting. The company’s data is stored in a secure way and can be accessed only by the permitted employees. Also as the data is stored on the cloud it is free from corruption and does not need a physical backup thus saving more on your IT resources.

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