Marc Levoy

Marc Levoy Joins Adobe to Create a Universal Camera App

Google Pixel camera software creator Marc Levoy has joined forces with Adobe to create a universal camera app.

The researcher is the developer of the wildly successful Google Pixel camera technology and features such as HDR+, Portrait Mode and Night Sight. He and his team made the Pixel’s camera take stunning shots without needing extra hardware.

Adobe has announced that Levoy will start building a universal camera app that isn’t limited to just one brand or manufacturer. He will be tasked with computational photography initiatives as mentioned by Adobe in an email.

Currently, Adobe already has the Photoshop Camera and one in Adobe Lightroom app. The email also said that Levoy will be working with Sensei AI, Adobe Research and Photoshop Camera teams, and will be reporting to Abhay Parasnis, the company’s CTO.

While in partnership with Google, Levoy has racked an impressive resume, including working on the Google Glass camera, Google X and a research project that became Street View.