Google Maps Cycling Routes

Updated Google Maps Now Has Cycling Routes via Share Scheme

Google Maps users will now be able to see which directions they can go when they opt for rented bikes on bike-share schemes.

This feature rolls out today in 10 cities- New Taipei City, Taipei, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, Mexico City, London, Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Chicago. Opening Google Maps will show both walking and cycling directions to and from nearby docks and neighboring ones.

The added functionality was specially made as cities began promoting cycling as a form of transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Google mentioned that in February requests to include cycling directions in Google Maps has risen 69%, which in itself was a record. The technology used is similar to the dockless bikes and scooters Google offered with Lime in 2018.

The cycle share route builds upon the tech giant’s partnership with Ito World, a service that lets you find bikes that can be used.