Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo Adds Landscape Mode to Mario Kart Tour

A year after Mario Kart Tour has released, Nintendo decides to give it a new viewing mode.

Mario Kart Tour can now be played widescreen via landscape mode, which was missing when the game first came out. The 2019 title brings the popular Mario Kart franchise to the mobile platform, but only one way to play the game.

Being a mobile port, the controls have been simplified- your kart accelerates on its own, turning left or right only requires a finger-sliding motion and a single tap uses the item you have.

On the iPhone Mario Kart Tour reached the top of the most downloaded free category in 2019. Veteran players, however noted that a few key features were missing and deemed the title underwhelming. Nintendo listened and made real-time multiplayer available in March.

The new landscape mode brings a new control layout that longtime fans may love. Mario Kart Tour for mobile is free to download and play but has certain paywalls for items and extra features.

John Kovach
John Kovach is a 36-year-old journalist that loves to write Tech news articles, listening to the radio, and eating out.