oculus public parties

Oculus Has Made It Easier to Play VR Games with Groups Online

Oculus has recently launched Public Parties, a new feature that aims to make social VR gaming seamless and enjoyable.

Public Parties now makes it easy for people to play VR games together online. A virtual room can hold 8 people at a time and will have VR voice call capabilities. Those who want to play together can access the Travel Together feature and enter social experiences without having to wait for friends or go through endless menu options.

VR games that support Travel Together include Topgolf’s Pro Putt, Multiverse, Ironlights, Spaceteam VR, Cloudlands 2, Arizona Sunshine, Epic Roller Coasters, Elven Assassin, Eleven Table Tennis, Synth Riders, Racket:Nx and Echo VR.

The feature has several privacy control features, such as Public, Friends on Oculus and Only Me. By default, Public Parties is set to ‘Facebook Friends on Oculus’ but users can change it anytime they like, even opening up the room to non-friends or strangers.

John Kovach
John Kovach is a 36-year-old journalist that loves to write Tech news articles, listening to the radio, and eating out.