Ingenious Ways to Extend Your Storage Space in Business

Ingenious Ways to Extend Your Storage Space in Business

When operating a business like a warehouse, factory, cafe, or even a showroom, you need to think about storage spaces. This is where you keep spare parts, raw goods, and other important things related to the business. There comes a time when you need to expand these spaces, for instance when the business is growing rapids, or when you merge two businesses.

For extra storage spaces, you can easily expand the existing ones using ingenious ways that we will discuss below. This is important since it is will add extra storage space using creative ways to increase functionality while saving money and time at the same time.

The use of temporary structures to expand storage spaces in business is now the trend owing to the many benefits. If you are still wondering how, this publication will guide you.

Hire Temporary Tents

Many temporary solution providers hire out tented storage facilities that can be pitched in your business compound within a few days. They are convenient and hassle-free temporary storage structures that you can use on farms during harvesting time, in a factory that needs to process more orders than usual, or to hold temporary goods in an organization. After their use is over, you can return then to the service provider and pay for the time used. Reputable companies may not ask for an upfront payment for the stores and will allow you to cancel at any time if you no longer need them.

Build Large Temporary Store

If you need large storage space in your factory and you have enough space, you can make use of large custom-made temporary structures. Smart-Space has maxi-spaces, which are newly introduced enormous structures made of steel, PVC, and other materials. For instance, one client has orders for a 40m by 60m maxi-space structures where they can use a fork lift to load and off-load goods on shelves.

According to the experts, these structures are mostly applicable in companies that have large compounds where the structures can be set up. But you can talk to them to get a good explanation on how to leverage these structures.

Build Customized Temporary Storage Structures

If you want creatively installed extra storage spaces in your business, professional storage space providers can come up with a customized design for you. It does not matter whether the available space is in hard-to-reach corners or any other available space. They also ensure that the designs blend well with the existing structures while maximizing the storage spaces. It is paramount that you work with the experts to get the size that you want and save money at the same time.

Convert Existing Spaces into Stores

If you have been using temporary structures, then it is time to enjoy their versatility. Any structure that is not being used currently can be converted into a storage space. If you need the structure repaired, serviced, or moved from one location to another, involve experienced professionals. For instance, you can move a temporary bar from the front yard of your hotel to the bark yard and convert it into a storage area to store extra cutlery and crockery. You might move a temporary structure from a slow branch to a busy one to be used as a store.

Experts more these structures by dissembling them and then assembling them on site. They may also add some features such as shelves to make it a functional store.


All of these ingenious ways to extend your storage space in a business revolve around temporary structures. This shows how important these structures have been and why you should consider them even for other structures in your business. Apart from saving money and time, they are easy to maintain and durable.

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