How Clubhouse Can Level Up Your Business

How Clubhouse Can Level Up Your Business

It is very likely that you have heard of Clubhouse and the fuss it is making amongst the social media realm. While you may have gone into the app yourself and sat in on a couple of conversations, you may be wondering how you can use this app to grow and scale your business, as many claim it allows you to do so. The chat rooms that can be arranged and built are scheduled with key speakers, and it actually brings you and your business great exposure, should you use it well. Currently, the app has 10 million users world-wide and counting. For an app that is not available to everyone (that’s right it’s invite only), the app screams exclusivity and allows you to tap into the networks that work for you so much more easily.

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Below we have listed ways on how to take advantage of the Clubhouse platform for you and your growing business, get your notepad at the ready.

Networking and investors

Growing your business using social media can sometimes just be all about getting those numbers, however networking is just as important. Sometimes, you will never estimate how having good relations with other businesses can ultimately give you a step up in your business frame. Business is not always about competing against one another, it can actually blossom from collaborating and leaning towards one another when it comes to your business’s evolution. That is why Clubhouse is now the ‘in’ for companies to liaise and pass around ideas with each other. Should you happen to share an innovative idea or thought, around the room’s topic, a business could reach out and ask to explore it more with you. Never underestimate how your reputation will speak for itself in the way you present yourself on Clubhouse, so make sure you put your best foot forward. Businesses will be listening intently.

Hold virtual events free

If your business may be digitally inclined, you may find that Clubhouse is the perfect platform for you to host virtual events for free! Events where you need to hire a space for people to attend, will cost you. Clubhouse allows you to present and be a key speaker, as well as controlling the room’s attendees, without a penny out of your wallet. By providing a service where you help and give advice to those that are listening, you are expanding your reach much more efficiently. You could even offer a 30 minutes free teaser to attendees, and should they wish to make the entire event, they can pay a fee to jump on a private room, or zoom call later on. Call that smart business.

Getting feedback for your ideas

Clubhouse could be a clever way of getting feedback and confirmation on business ideas/projections. While you do not want to go ahead and give all your business secrets away in a second, being surrounded by peers in the industry will only add to your knowledge. This will allow you to refine your ideas in real-time, rather than doing them later on and finding out that it is not as feasible as you originally thought.

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