6 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Dropshipping Store

6 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Dropshipping Store

The best thing about dropshipping is that you don’t have to waste your time and money on two important aspects of ecommerce — shipping and inventory.

Did you know that an eCommerce giant, Amazon, has been using this model since 2011 and that 34% of its sold products were dropshipped products in that year?

So, if Amazon can do it, smaller online stores can do it too, especially if you take into account that ecommerce is the only trillion-dollar industry that is experiencing fire-rapid growth.

But how do you attract your target audience, rocket your sales and create sustainable revenue?

We have worked with some of the top Chicago web design companies and compiled a list of six tips that should help you build and maintain a successful dropshipping business.

1.   Analyze Your Competitors

First and foremost, do your homework. The most important aspect of that is in-depth research of your ecommerce competitors. You will know what they do in the right way and what they are bad at.

By checking the giants like Amazon or Walmart, you can find out what products are not in demand, in other words, which products may not have a lot of competition.

A certain product may not be competitive for many reasons: poor profit margins, high shipping costs, manufacturing issues, and many others. So, search for the products that have competition, meaning they are high in demand.

If you don’t have enough time to dedicate yourself to this, leave it to the professionals and consider hiring a digital marketing agency.

2.   Leverage Email Marketing

Once you’ve created a list of potential customers, you want to make sure you keep them.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep your potential and existing customers updated or to onboard them to your purchasing funnel.

For instance, you can offer a discount for the first order or email a person who bought a winter dress and offer them an amazing winter dress accessory at a discount.

You can get an insight into who bought what by segmenting your email based on the purchases your customers have made in a certain period of time.

3.   Use Live Chat on Your Website

One reason why customers may decide to leave your site instantly is that they cannot find a quick and easy way to get in touch with customer service and solve an issue that bothers them.

A live chat can help you reach your customers and directly communicate with them. This way, they can talk to a real person and not a bot.

A human connection helps build trust between your customers and your brand.

Plus, live chat can help buyers place custom orders directly or allow you to get instant feedback on things they like or dislike and then improve your website performance.

Ultimately, live chat can help you boost your conversion rate. If your business would benefit from having a live chat, but implementing it seems daunting, consider hiring one of the best Miami web design companies to help you with your efforts.

4.   Share Social Videos

The most popular marketing asset in 2021 is social video.

It is predicted that 81% of all consumer web traffic will be generated by online videos. This is definitely a sign that you should focus your efforts on this technique to promote your store and position your product on the market.

If you are just starting out, creating a high-quality video may seem challenging, as it may take much of your time and money. In that case, search for popular social media videos on sites like Buzzfeed and make sure you share them on your social media.

5.   Build Customer Loyalty and Trust

Customers like to feel they are respected and appreciated and that their needs are in your focus. To make them feel special, you should give them gifts or offer discounts. They like to feel they have won something.

So, make sure you make your customers feel they have earned something and that they are special. Giving discounts to everyone may be less effective and not genuine.

For example, you may want to give a first-time customer a 20% discount. This will create a feeling of reciprocity where your customers will feel they have to give back to your brand and then decide to purchase the product or at least visit your website.

6.   Join Online Communities

To help potential customers know more about your brand, you need to leverage all social media platforms and groups where you can showcase your product and brand’s values.

Join groups like Facebook and LinkedIn groups to communicate with your target audience and let them know more about your brand.

You can also use Quora or Reddit to answer people’s questions and directly solve any dilemmas, or direct them to your site for more information.

Although being a frequent contributor in these groups may take some of your time, it sure is worth it if that means you will reach new customers that will convert. 

Wrap Up

Ready to upscale your dropshipping business, get into a ring with retail giants and get ahead of the curve? Follow these six tips.

They will help you get on the right track and bring your dropshipping business to new heights.

Each of these points will require a lot of hard work, but they will also help you get outstanding results.

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