8 Office Decor Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

8 Office Decor Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

Office decor is more than just livening up the workplace- it also serves to boost productivity.

Here are 8 ways you can use decor to maximize productivity.

Brighten Up The Room

Gone are the days when an office equals a dreary and dark atmosphere. Modernize and boost energy levels by installing efficient LED bulbs and allowing in as much natural light as possible.

Add a Plant or Two

Plants and greenery can instantly have a positive effect on the workspace. Aside from relieving stress they can purify the air around you.

Put a Sticker On It

It’s not unusual for employees to have their own laptops for work. Custom laptop stickers from CustomSticker.com can give yours the extra edge it needs to be identifiable from the rest.

You won’t have to spend time looking for your laptop and thus experience higher productivity levels.

Adopt the Minimalist Decor Approach

Decor can mean many things, including a minimalist approach. Decluttering is a proven way to maximize productivity, and should be done at least once a month.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

Studies have found that color has a direct influence on productivity. However, it’s different from one person to another.

Experiment to see which color works for you and add an art piece on your wall or table.

Hang an Inspiring Message

Productivity takes a dip when you’re feeling unmotivated. To turn this around, hang an inspirational message somewhere you can easily see. Every time you need a boost, look at it and you’ll be reminded.

Set Up a Nearby Storage

This works the same as decluttering and is a good one-two combo to raising work productivity. Put the things you don’t need for the day or regularly in storage, such as boxes, binders or drawers. Make it into your favorite color for added style.

Prop Up Comfortable Furniture

Comfort should take high priority when choosing furniture. It’s better to have an ergonomic chair since you’ll be sitting down for long periods of time.

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