3 Effective Ways to Generate Fresh Business Leads During the Pandemic

3 Effective Ways to Generate Fresh Business Leads During the Pandemic

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way businesses had been operating for ages. It’s a stressful time for firms of all scales. Not only internal processes were enforced to amend, but also the ways of external interactions with clients. Companies that have elaborated a new approach of their lead generation in accordance with the current situation will survive and thrive.

To become one of them, check the following 3 ideas of how to generate business leads during the pandemic.

1. Re-think your digital presence

Because of several restrictions to attend public places people spend more time at home than ever. As their daily routine has changed, now they have more free time and their usage of the Internet has increased. It’s your chance to generate leads for your business offering your audience high-quality and attractive content.

You can optimize your content delivery, having taken into account that now people can see your posts any time during the day, as they are not restricted by schedule. Try to increase the frequency of your content delivery, however, note, that it shouldn’t affect the quality.

People appreciate the valuable information, which can be applied to improve their experience. So, do your best to provide them with such content. Include use cases, testimonials, user-generated content, researches, etc.

Keep up with trends and build your content plan based on the recent or upcoming news in your industry and the world. Paying attention to your country’s events you can understand how to generate leads for local business.

Consider guest posting as an additional way of lead engagement. Think about companies you can partner with to create an interesting collaboration and exchange content.

What else can you do to increase your digital presence?

2. Move networking online

The pandemic has adjusted how people exchange their experiences. Previously, the most part of B2B contacts could be found at the conferences, the contracts could be signed during a personal meeting. Now we are limited in live communication and all these processes have moved online.

Visiting an online meeting or hosting one are good ways to generate new business leads. It has its advantages as now you can do it with less time and money spent than offline events. There are many multi-functional platforms for online conferences which allow you to be a speaker at the event or to host one. They may include virtual rooms where you can listen to the reports, chat with other participants or even schedule a meeting right during the conference.

Furthermore, using strategies of WatcherMe when generating leads on online events you can achieve more successful results.

Also, most of these platforms provide you with the list of participants and the contact details they shared. It’s a perfect lead generation hub.

Apart from visiting online events, you can host one. Announce a free webinar or meet-up to engage the audience into communication with your brand, collect their contact details for further nurturing and raise your credibility as an expert.  Think about the topic you can discuss freely and share your experience.

It would be perfect if you prepare the real case and show how your company can solve a particular problem. Invite an external expert and build your webinar as a discussion. Make sure that participants can ask questions online and get responses from the experts. It will increase the engagement of the audience and make your event more interesting. As a bonus, you can send the record to those participants who left their emails when registering for the event, even if they didn’t take part in a live session.

Speaking about leads, invite them on a “cup of coffee” via Zoom meeting, where you could discuss their needs and have a small talk to establish the contact as if you have met in person.

3. Try Retargeting

As mentioned in the first paragraph, people tend to spend more time on the Internet during the pandemic. They make purchases online, read articles, news, see more advertisements and visit more websites. However, when someone visits your website or clicks an advertisement he doesn’t necessarily become your client. What can you do?

Launch retargeting campaigns to re-engage these warm leads into your clients, providing them with a more convincing reason to buy your product. Thus you can generate business leads right from your website.

Unlike reaching cold leads, retargeting is more effective as it covers people, who have already shown an interest in your product and are aware of your company.


Don’t be afraid of the changes that these years have brought. It is a test for your business agility and creativity. Using these ways to generate leads for your business during the crisis will help you save your positions and even expand your client base, as more new opportunities are opened.

How do you generate your leads during the pandemic?

Cristina Macias
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