What Makes a Good Anagram Solver? Top 5 Characteristics

What Makes a Good Anagram Solver? Top 5 Characteristics

1.      Multiple supporting dictionaries

A good anagram solver should have a large and reliable database derived from multiple collegiate dictionaries. Reliable peer-reviewed dictionaries that are often included in word puzzle databases include the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary.

2.      Unscramble words or phrases

A good anagram solver can find all words and phrases out of the letters you enter including any synanagrams or antigrams. A SYNANAGRAM is a word whose letters can be rearranged to form a different word with the same meaning—like ‘angered’ and ‘enraged’ or ‘conversation’ and ‘voices rant on’. An antigram, on the other hands, is opposite in meaning to the original word or phrase—such as UNITED and UNTIED or RESTFUL and FLUSTER.

3.      Should work well on any device

A good anagram solver will work well on any mobile or handheld device and desktop computer. Any by working well we mean it delivers quick and consistent results. Quick loading and searching with consistent results makes for a user-friendly AND search-friendly anagram solver.

4.      No limit to the number of letters you can unscramble

Oftentimes, anagram solvers will limit the number of letters you can enter into the tool. But good anagram solvers will allow you to enter any number of letters and then serve up all the words and phrases you can make with those letters, grouped by length.

5.      Unscrambles some OR all letters

Unscrambling some OR all the letters in your hand is helpful when playing various kinds of word puzzles. Of course, most times you want to use all the letters you enter into the tool. But there are certain word games and instances in which you want to see ALL words you can create with your letters, regardless of the word length or number of letters.

Bringing It All Together

Anagram solvers with all of these characteristics should provide the most reliable and comprehensive results.

For example, CrosswordSolver.com has a free Anagram Solver that checks each of these boxes. It has a huge database of words and phrases derived from the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and four other peer-reviewed, collegiate dictionaries. The word unscrambler allows you to find words or phrases and it’s responsive, meaning it works well on any device.

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