What You Should Know About Having A WIFI Hotspot Bus

What You Should Know About Having A WIFI Hotspot Bus

Today, many people rely on internet connectivity as an integral part of their day-to-day lives. Students need it to complete their homework or carry out academic research, while the average passenger may simply need it to connect with their loved ones.

However, not everybody can boast of having fast and reliable internet connectivity in their homes. This is one of the reasons why a WiFi hotspot bus is often seen as a far more attractive transport option to commuters than a bus without internet connectivity. It helps them carry on with their day-to-day activities during what would otherwise be a humdrum commute.

In this post, we will take a quick look at what you should know about having a WiFi hotspot bus.

What Is A WIFI Hotspot Bus

A WiFi hotspot bus is any bus (whether private or public) that allows passengers to connect wirelessly to the internet. This access can only be made possible if the bus has a WiFi hotspot installed on it.

A WiFi hotspot is a built-in mobile router that provides Wi-Fi signals in a building or vehicle. It can be installed in two ways which are; movable and fixed. A fixed Wi-Fi hotspot is a router that is installed in or on a static or immovable object like a building. On the other hand, a movable WiFi hotspot is a router that is installed on movable objects like buses.

To get your WiFi hotspot bus to work, you will need to purchase a reliable WiFi hotspot package from a reputable fleet solutions company such as Eyeride. This package will consist of a router box (the hardware), a cellular SIM card, and an antenna. If you are looking for the perfect WiFi hotspot for your bus, you can see this here.

Once installed, passengers can access the internet on their mobile devices via Wi-Fi signals the hotspot provides. Purchasing your WiFi hotspot from a reputable company will ensure that your device can provide high-speed internet signals as most plans offer internet speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

Installing WiFi Hotspot Bus For Schools

Today, many schools are deploying Wi-Fi hotspots on their buses. The goal of this is to help students complete their homework when traveling to or from school. There are 3 major ways that schools can deploy Wi-Fi hotspots to help their students and they are;

· Placing a WiFi hotspot bus in the school parking lot so that students can sit near it to access the internet.

· Placing WiFi hotspot buses in neighborhoods that desperately need them. First, schools need to identify neighborhoods that have the highest number of disconnected students. They then need to develop a schedule that will see these buses parked around those neighborhoods at specified times.

· Creating drive-up hotspots that will allow students to drive to specific areas that are close to their homes to access the internet. This way, students can complete their homework while working safely from their cars.


A WiFi hotspot bus is always preferable to passengers than buses without internet connectivity as it helps passengers carry out their day-to-day activities during their commute.

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