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Twitch Recruits Rapper Logic in a Partnership Deal

Music artist Logic has been recruited by video game streaming site Twitch in a 7-figure deal.

Logic is a prominent figure within the rap community as producer and artist. His most popular song is ‘1-800-273-8255’, released in 2017. Recently, the rapper announced that he will be retiring to spend more time with his newborn child.

The announcement was short-lived when news about the Twitch partnership surfaced. Logic will be the first official music partner and will be streaming on his channel weekly. Content will include AMA style formats, special guests, in-studio sessions and gaming.

Logic confesses in an interview that he doesn’t see himself as a rapper, but rather a nerd who loves video games. The Marylandian native further says he has been blessed with millions of followers and fans, and that the partnership with Twitch is great.

Logic fans can look forward to the artist’s first stream, set at July 21 5pm EST. He will be playing tracks on his upcoming album.

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