Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest In for the Year 2021

Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest In for the Year 2021

Cryptocurrency has been a pleasant surprise in 2020 when most of them surged in value. In 2021, the trend is still going strong, and investors are starting to take notice.

If it’s your first time to dip your toes in cryptocurrencies here are 5 that we’d recommend investing in 2021.


The most popular cryptocurrency and one that has the greatest potential. Its value towers above every other cryptocurrency in existence, mainly due to the fact that it was the first one created and the most renowned.

Every crypto investor will say you have to put your money in Bitcoin, which is true. There are trading software such as the Bitcoin System to help you make the right trade at the right time for maximum profit. Visit this site and you can get into Bitcoin trading without experiencing beginner mistakes.

Bitcoin is highly liquid and serves as an excellent starting point in your crypto journey.


Ethereum may be second best but it’s still a worthy cryptocurrency investment for 2021.

ETH perpetually stands in the shadow of Bitcoin but the token has a few useful applications. Its Blockchain technology powers numerous decentralized apps and makes it the more useful token out of the two.

Ethereum is already in decentralized apps, or code that can run without 3rd party interference or fraud. Developers have only scratched the surface of what Ethereum can do, so its future is looking more promising than ever.

What’s worthy to note is that ETH can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies easily. That said, investors who want to spread out their capital should definitely consider getting a few Ethereum tokens.


Litecoin has an impressive pedigree as it’s created by Charlie Lee, a former employee of Google. Also, it has plenty of similarities with its more popular brother, Bitcoin.

The creator of Litecoin thought to make it faster in terms of processing speed, and more affordable in terms of transaction fees. Block generation is more rapid as well, and its adoption rate is going up.

Litecoin usage is getting to the point that it’s accepted in stores that accept cryptocurrency. Litecoin is a good digital asset for storing long term or trading short term.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin is the creation of Binance, a crypto exchange platform that holds the largest volume in the world. It’s used to trade crypto coins and has a lower transaction fee.

Like other popular tokens, you can use Binance Coin for goods and services both online and offline. The company has even made a crypto debit card called Binance Card so you can make purchases.

Binance Coin is top-notch when it comes to usability. Wise investors should definitely get a few of these and enjoy moderate growth in the near future.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is the result of a hard fork with Bitcoin and is perhaps the most successful one to date.

BCH offers a faster transaction time compared to Bitcoin due to its size. It’s also scalable and more suited as a digital currency for worldwide transactions.

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