Salesforce Certification - Are You Ready for this Career Path?

Salesforce Certification – Are You Ready for this Career Path?

Salesforce continues to be a driving force in just about any industry. The reason why it’s successful is because its CRM technology is unmatched, and its cloud computing model allows for scalability while still being affordable.

This article will help you decide whether a Salesforce Certification is the right move.

Salesforce Equals Big Rewards

Getting certified in Salesforce is no easy task. Aside from the extra hours and the hard work, you will need to make an active effort to pass base level certification. Your free time will be divided into tutorials, research and a lot of blood and sweat.

However, the rewards that wait at the other side are immense. Furthermore, there are paid and free resources to help you in your journey.

Investing in Yourself is Always a Good Choice

The most successful businessmen and CEOs often say that the best investment you can make is to better yourself. Whether you’re learning a new skill, trying out a new career path or being productive in your spare time, you can slowly but surely move forward and enjoy a brighter future.

A Salesforce career is among the most in-demand job requirements today. Ask the Salesforce community and they’ll all tell you that it took some time (and effort) to get to where they are now.

Being Persistent is Key

A Salesforce certification doesn’t stop when you’ve passed the entry level exam. The learning process is ongoing, mainly due to the fact that the platform is ever-changing and evolving as time passes.

Salesforce Maintenance Exams keep Salesforce personnel on their toes regarding new knowledge and features. For every new product release the company mandates a Spring, Summer and Winter exam so Salesforce personnel are armed with the latest features and can expertly pass on the knowledge to their peers or apply it in their company.

Immersing Yourself in Real Life Scenarios

Salesforce is about learning in the real world, with the exams being based on real and applicable scenarios.

Even the entry level exams will require you to think on your feet, which should prepare you better than any written test. Only the business requirements are stated- you’ll have to figure out a solution using what you’ve learned.

Branching Specializations- Are You Up for the Challenge?

Simply aiming for a Salesforce certification is not enough. You’ll need to determine which foundation-level certification exams you want to pursue next.

First, there’s the Certified Administrator exam, which focuses on platform maintenance and administration; then, there’s the Platform App Builder, which jumps to custom apps. Basically, it’s opting for a career as a Developer or Administrator.

Salesforce ranks high on the best US jobs in 2017 in both Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator. In the same year, the company enjoyed an increased market share that dwarfed its competitors.

Salesforce was named #1 in marketing applications, customer service applications, sales applications and CRM by IDC in 2018. Having a check mark on all the five points mentioned above means you should definitely get a certification and pursue your chosen career.​​​​​​

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