How QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Takes You Beyond Accounting

How QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Takes You Beyond Accounting

At a time when software solutions not only help in reducing manual errors in business processes but also in increasing insights into data for an in-depth analysis, it is surprising that there are still businesses that rely on pen and paper for the task. For such businesses, the choice of a proper business management solution is of utmost importance. It could well be the difference between being profitable and piling up losses.

For decades, QuickBooks has been the preferred solution for managing business’ accounting requirements. It is by far the most widely used accounting software used in the industry. Of all the different available variants, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the most powerful of them. In this article, let us explore how QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting takes you beyond accounting solutions that you would commonly use.

What Can Be Expected from Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise?

Here’s what you can expect from hosted QuickBooks Enterprise.

  • With hosted QuickBooks Enterprise, you can be assured of business continuity. Unlike locally installed QuickBooks Desktop, this solution is not prone to failure from hardware issues and other forms of disasters.
  • You can include more add-ons to the QuickBooks Enterprise software as scalability is not a problem. These add-ons are critical to enhancing the capabilities of the software. These could include CRM, ERP, and other solutions. When you perform an Exchange to Office 365 migration, you can use applications from the Office suite on the same virtual desktop.
  • You can rely on the backup provided by the CSP. Unlike the locally hosted version, you will not have to manually upload data to the server or save it on desktops. The entire process is automated. The chances of loss of data are negligible.
  • In addition to the advanced backup capabilities, data is much more secure on the cloud. In such a scenario, financial data is much more secure against cyber-attacks. This is one of the most important capabilities of the hosted solution as the software is typically used by accountants and other finance professionals. The firewalls, additional security layers, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and other solutions add to the security.
  • The last factor is the availability of the solution. As adesktop as a servicesolution, hosted QuickBooks Enterprise is always highly available. There are no restrictions placed due to physical constraints. This means users can be far more productive as the solution can be accessed from anywhere. Not only that, but it can also help in collaborating more seamlessly.
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