Future of Esports In India

Future of Esports In India

To be a part of the competitive shell in video gaming, it is important to have an organised approach. While we term Esports in a better way, it is the process of playing video games in a professional way where the opposite competitor could be an individual, a team of players or a professional player.According to GameSee.Tv In a developing country like India, there has been a commendable rise in the Esports Industry. This ecosystem of competitive gaming calls for the players all over the world to let them participate and make the deserving win the prize pool.

While we talk about India, Games like Call of duty, PUBG, Fortnite etcetera have been readily welcoming a number of tournaments in India with premium rewards and inducement in order to amplify the Esports culture in the country. No doubt, statistical information plays a vital role to know the exact standing. However, the year of 2020 clearly ranks India on the 16th position among all the countries in the world with a total revenue of around Rs 8000 crore in the Esports industry.

A sudden establishment and growth  of various Esports startups, for example, Fan Mojo, Cobx Gaming, etcetera makes India widely renowned in consideration to Future of Esports in the country. There are various individuals who are taking Esports as a career option. Choosing the opportunity wisely makes you the leading edge! To run the game smoothly on an online portal without the connectivity issues, there is a requirement of a data handler. As a rule, AI makes a proper pitch for the better functioning of the game and helps the computer to learn and think. In order to perform the coding process in a proper way, there is a requirement of a game developer.

There are certain voice overs or background sounds needed  to keep the players motivated and enthralled in the game and help them to give an excellent performance. However, this slab is fulfilled by a game commentator, who can impersonate the voices of various characters to let the game keep going. Online gaming is not gender specific, therefore, women are equally welcomed just like the men. In all, it requires certain tactics and a sharp mind to roll over.

The future of Esports can have an upsurge in India if certain glitches can be controlled. Since the concept of Esports is all about playing on an online portal, the internet speed has to be supersonic. Precisely, the download speed and the upload speed is directly proportional to each other and is relatively important to play successfully. Glitch in one of the two can make you lose the tournament of prized possessions and to avoid this, it is important to have a high ping rate ( Internet speed).

Another important challenge that a country like India should overcome is the latency. Just like we term speed rate to be the ping rate, in the same way, latency refers to the time taken by the ping to reach back to  the device. However, good quality internet connection will provide high latency which eventually leads to high gaming performance.

Just like other career options, professional training has been incorporated in various Academic domains for the Esports to have a better future prospect.

Imparting proper training to the individuals helps in bringing diversified talent onboard. With the accommodation of newly trained buds, the ecosystem of gaming will have an increasing demand wherein more and more investors of large companies will help in shaping up the industry.

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” It is important for the parents to hold equal participation in the interest of their students and encourage online gaming among them to not only help them to be trained but also to increase their sharpness and help them combat the daily challenges tactfully.

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