What are the Beneficial Substances included in Shilajit?

What are the Beneficial Substances included in Shilajit?

Shilajit has been used as a healing component for many years. Shilajit supplements have been proved to be effective in healing different kinds of diseases, including improving heart conditions and stress management. This sticky, tar-like substance is found in the rocks present in Himalayas. Shilajit has been proved to contain mostly fulvic acid, together with more than eighty other ingredients, all of which are helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of the beneficial substances that are included in shilajit are;

Humic and Fulvic Acids

This is one of the main components that are found in shilajit. Humic Acid is what makes shilajit greatly improve a person’s energy levels, increase antioxidants and regenerate body tissue. Fulvic acid even though beneficial – is a marker compound and not an active ingredient compound. Usually, fake shilajit is spiked with low-quality fulvic acid. High-quality Fulvic acid is naturally occurring in shilajit that has many beneficial properties that have positive effects in the human body. Fulvic acid has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good substance to be used in enhancing memory. In addition to that, since this acid has beneficial properties, it is also effective in reducing the symptoms Alzheimer’s disease.

Natural Plant Based Resins

Resins also have various benefits to a person’s health. For instance, shilajit resin aids in the process of digestion. Most of the people who have reported various digestive issues were given shilajit resin, to see the impact that it has towards digestion. The majority of them reported that they experienced improved digestion. This means that resins are important in maintaining a healthy digestive system. In addition to that, they are also effective in lowering the risks associated with heart diseases.

Benzoic Acid

This is an acid that occurs naturally in many plants. Although this acid is not the most dangerous acid that you will come in contact it, it is important that you handle it with care to avoid any injuries. Shilajit has benzoic acid as one of its components that it is made from. One of the benefits of this acid is that it helps in the prevention of infection that is mainly caused by bacteria. This means that the acid will help in the strengthening the immunity of the body, in turn helping it to fight off infections in the body. In addition to that, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory component, making it effective in the treatment of skin irritation and reducing inflammation caused by burns.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids can either be saturated or unsaturated. Some of the sources of fatty acids include omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable oils, seeds, fish and animal fats. All these fatty acids are important in performing different cellular functions. These fatty acids act as a source of energy for the heart, muscles and the other organs in the body in that they store energy in the body.

Carbon based Micro Minerals.

            Naturally occurring micro minerals in Shilajit are present in a form which allows human body to absorb them better. In the best type of shilajit, the micromineral balance closely resembles the micromineral balance of a healthy human. When you take high quality shilajit you better you body chemistry and give it a chance to experience shilajit benefits from ingesting highly biologically available minerals.

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