How to enhance the security of your bitcoin wallet?

How to enhance the security of your bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin wallet is a digital locker in which you can store bitcoins and also send and receive bitcoins from all over the word. Bitcoin wallets are used for security purposes but it is also true that they are most vulnerable to hacking attacks, malware, etc. You can get more information through this link if you want to earn money with bitcoin trading. If you want to ensure that no one is able to hack your bitcoin wallet and steal your funds, you need to follow some security tips to maximise its safety.

Use secure network

The network you use for accessing your bitcoin wallet can affect its security to a great extent. There are two types of networks; public and private. If you use a public WIFI network, your information, private keys and bitcoins will be at great risk of begin stolen. Public networks are the primary target of hackers as they can steal any data or information being transferred over a public network. So, if you are in outdoor and want to make a bitcoin transaction, you must avoid using any public internet connection as it makes you lose all your private keys.

The best option is to use your mobile data as it will ensure the safety of all your passwords, information and details. For additional security, you can also use a VPN; Virtual private network as it will hide your IP address which will make it impossible for the hackers to steal any crucial information. You must avoid connecting to any unknown, insecure and public network. While making a transaction, you must also turn off your phone’s Bluetooth as it can also lead to security breach.

Use separate passwords

There are various ways in which you can secure your bitcoin wallet and one of them is setting a password or passcode. Using a password can enhance the security to a great extent but you need to keep one thing in mind that if you are using more than one wallet, you should always set different passwords for each one of them. If you use same passwords for all the account, it will become easier for the hackers to attack on your wallets and steal the information as well as bitcoins.

To avoid all the risks, you must set a strong and unique password. It must be a combination of lowercase and uppercase letter, symbols and numbers. The more unique and long combination of letters and numbers your will choose, the more difficult it would get for cybercriminal to crack it and gain access to your wallets.

Updated the software regularly

There are several bitcoin wallets in the market and each one of them is trying to make their wallets more secure, safe. So, they bring regular software updated for the wallets to improve the functions and fix if there is any security issues in it. To maintain proper security of your wallet you must update the software regularly and never miss any update. If you have a busy schedule and don’t get enough time to update it, you can turn on the automatic updated options. It will update the wallet software whenever there is a new update available.

It will keep you notified with the latest updated and features introduced in the software. Moreover, for better protection it also offers you an option with which you can download the update and install it later. So, you can ensure that there is no bug in the update that can harm your data before installing it.

Backup the wallet

Bitcoin is an outstanding cryptocurrency but it has a drawback which is that it is highly dependent on the Internet and technology. Without an internet connection you cannot make a bitcoin transaction which exposes your wallet to several risks too. For instance, if you have stored your bitcoin wallet on a computer and it suddenly crashes, you may lose all your bitcoins and private keys and the worse part is that bitcoins are irrecoverable.

So, to avoid this risk you must create multiple backups for your wallet and store it in different locations. It will keep you on the safe side and will ensure that even if you lose it, you will be able to retrieve your funds easily. You must backup the entire wallet instead of online creating backups for the private keys.

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