Crisis of Turkish legal translators in the United Arab Emirates

Crisis of Turkish legal translators in the United Arab Emirates

Turkish Legal Translation in Dubai is a service that is very often sought by the companies that are looking to expand in the markets of Turkey as a part of their endeavor to expand internationally. This may be in the form of a subsidiary company, branch, representative office, offshore company, etc. This is because the government of Turkey has made it easy for foreigners to do open and run business in Turkey. This brings additional revenue to the national exchequer of Turkey. Also, on the other way around, companies and business enterprises that are looking forward to opening bank accounts, branches, subsidiaries, or representative companies in Dubai need to submit documents that are legally translated from Turkish to Arabic and duly legalized.

Investment in real estate by UAE residents & citizens of the United Arab Emirates

Turkish Legal Translation in Dubai is also a service that is sought by private and individual investors who purchase property or start any transaction in Turkey. In all, documents that are issued in any language other than Turkish must be translated into Turkish by a legal translator approved by the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates and duly attested or legalized in the United Arab Emirates from the Turkish Embassy in Abu Dhabi or from the Turkish Consulate in Dubai. Unless this is done these documents cannot be used for any purpose in Turkey.

Challenges to find Turkish legal translators in the United Arab Emirates

At the moment there is not a single legal translator in Dubai who is approved by the Ministry of Justice of the UAE to provide Turkish Legal Translation. There are a few certified translation companies but they are not approved by the Ministry of Justice to provide Turkish legal translation. This is a very tricky situation and if you are not aware of this fact you may pay and get a translation that you cannot legalize and use in Turkey.

Turkish is not an easy language to translate & cannot be translated properly by machines

Turkish is a very different language and if it is translated literally, most of the time it makes no sense at all. Sometimes, the translations are funny and also offensive. This is because the translators are not aware of the cultural aspects of the Turkish community. A translation without considering the cultural aspects of the target language is meaningless and of no help. Therefore, you would need a translation company in Dubai that is aware of all the nuances of Turkish Legal Translation.

Many Translators in Dubai and across the globe use translation software to do a translation of documents. The most commonly used are Lokalise, Smartcat, Phrase, SDL Trados Studio, Transifex, Memsource, Crowdin, memoQ translator pro. You may not be aware of how frequently machines are used in the translation industry. Translations done by machines are of no worth. You may end up choosing a company that uses machine translation. But there are a few companies out there who are genuine and provide a human professional translation. To know more details contact Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services. They do not use machine translation and there is a translator whose first language is Turkish and his second language is English. The translator is well experienced and comes from an educational background in Legal Translation Studies.

Turkish Consulate approved translators in Dubai

Since there is no Turkish legal translator in the UAE approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice of the UAE there is a temporary arrangement made to keep the business going. Now some of the translation companies such as Dar Al Marjaan Translation Services as mentioned above have been approved by the Turkish Consulate in Dubai to do Turkish translation. These translations cannot be legalized in the UAE by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of UAE. But, these translations can be legalized from the Turkish Consulate in Dubai and can be used for all official purposes in Turkey. They have the same status as a legalized translation in Turkey.

Pricing of Turkish legal translation.

Turkish translation is very expensive everywhere and most of the time you will be disappointed as it is not so easy to get the right translation company that can get Turkish legal translation for you conveniently. The pricing is not determined by the number of words to be translated but by the number of characters in the document.

The price ranges between AED 0.3 – AED 0.5 per character which is equivalent to $ 0.09 USD- $ 0.14 USD per character. A one-page certificate to a maximum of 200 words ( 1000 character s approximately) may cost you AED 300-AED 500 ($ 0.80 USD – $ 140 USD).

Miscellaneous Turkish Business Translations

Every business enterprise needs a variety of translation services in the Emirates. Besides legal translation, there is a high necessity and demand for the Turkish translation for marketing purposes like search engine optimization, online advertising, & social media. For more details contact Bayoun Digital. The translation industry has grown by leaps & bounds in the country due to its multilingual residents and the growing Turkish community since the establishment of the Turkish Business Council in Dubai under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in 2004.

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