Car shipping companies and how the wrong ones can trick you!!!

Car shipping companies and how the wrong ones can trick you!!!

One of the scariest things about car shipping is that you can get trapped in a big scam. Unfortunately, not all car shipper companies are reliable. For every car which is a legitimate auto shipper ship, a new scammer is born. Though it is quite sad that is the state of the world in which you live in. With the evolution of the internet, more people are coming online on the internet. With the internet, it has become easier for scammers to scam people. But if you take every step carefully then you can easily get rid of the scam. 

The experts at advise to check the following key factors and avoid any scam when moving your vehicle.

How do they operate?

Some unscrupulous criminals are posing like auto shippers operate all-around in the entire world. They target people who want to transport their vehicles like cars, motorbikes, and so on. They create online scam sites that look quite legitimate to visitors. 

They would tell you the cost of shipping the vehicles as an approved shipping company which is originally not an authorized shipping company. This is known as a phishing scam. They would ask you for a large amount of money to ship your car but in the end, they won’t give you the services after taking the amount. Scams can be done in various ways. This is one of the most common ways of getting trapped in a scam. 

This is how the scam shipping companies work. 

Check how car shipping companies can trick you!!

1. Fall in the hands of a shipping agent 

When you want to transport your car with the help of transporter services then it is a possibility that you might hire a shipping broker rather than hiring a shipping agent. They are the ones who will handle your car in some other company’s hands. They just want to get a beneficial deal without thinking about the quality of the services. That is why it is recommended you save yourself from the shipping agent and hire directly the shipping company.

2. They offer a low-cost quote to attract you 

To scam you, they will first quote you too low so that you would want to get the services from them. They utilize this strategy because most people like to have the less expensive items. Like you have purchased a car and you want to ship it to your home. You look for online organizations and ask for the shipping quotes and when they offer you to provide the service at a cheaper cost, you just fall for it which they want. 

3. They will ask for a large amount before shipping 

If they are asking for a large down payment then it is again a scam. You should never give any large payment to them without getting their services from them. Once they get fully paid then they are not concentrating on providing you the services for you paid them. In some cases, they might not even transport your car and ran away. So, it is better to not make any payment before you get your car delivered to the destination in the same condition as it was before.

4. Blank contract 

They will make you sign a blank contract with no details. Then after that, during the car transportation process, they won’t provide you the right services according to the deal. But when you agree on the blank contract then there is no way to prove to yourself that they have done a scam with you. That is why it is recommended you never sign a blank contract. Sign only the one that includes all the details written over it including the price. 

5. They force you for a cash payment 

There is hardly a reputable car shipping company that does not have a bank account and which will force you for a cash payment. You should always choose the one which does not force you to made cash payment even they do all the money transfers via bank. Only bank transfers are considered legal so you will have proof of any kind of potential problem arises. 

How to save yourself from these?

With the growing technology, the numbers of car shipping scams are increasing at a higher rate. Not all companies offer you the services you want. To safeguard yourself from these scammers, you should first check their DOT number, license, and insurance. Check their website and make sure the shippers have a good reputation in the market. Go through the reviews that have been given by their past clients online and only then you should hire a company. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Save yourself from the online scams while hiring services. Make sure you choose a legal and reputable shipper who is well experienced. Read all the above-given tricks in which the scammers can scam you. While hiring don’t forget to look for the red signs and overcome the car shipping challenges

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