Comparison of the two best antivirus software

Comparison of the two best antivirus software

Unfortunately, we are still not getting rid of cybercriminals and hackers any time soon. In fact, cybercrime is growing every year, and this year, in particular, has been more busy than usual for virus protection software due to the teleworking caused by the pandemic. Therefore, it is important to protect all mobile devices and computers with the best possible virus protection. Norton, McAfee, and AVG are familiar names to many, but are they the best? People want to feel safe when browsing the internet, making money transactions, or playing in a casino online. For that reason, we have tested and reviewed the latest software from big cybersecurity names, so you can count on our recommendations.

If you are looking for comprehensive protection against the latest cyber threats, you should invest in the best possible software. However, that does not mean that a huge pile of money has to be wasted on them. Our top two choices offer you the best value for your money.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Reliable and guaranteed protection

Operating system: Windows, Mac | Maximum number of protected devices: 10| Best features: Protection from blackmail programs, privacy protection, VPN, Safepay

Prices at the moment:

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus $ 23.99 / Year

Bitdefender Total Security $ 36 / Year

+ Accurate

+ Password management

+ Reasonable price

– Can eat power

After various comparisons, it quickly becomes apparent that Bitdefender reaches the top positions in almost every measure. Bitdefender keeps your devices perfectly protected, which should be the most important thing when choosing an antivirus program. In addition to security, Bitdefender also excels in terms of features. The number of different options depends on the package you choose, but even the basic Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 gives excellent value for money.

Bitdefender is reliable and accurate at detecting viruses, in addition to having browsing protection that prevents you from going to malicious pages. With a secure browser, you can also continue using online banking and online shopping without any worries. The password management application, on the other hand, automatically fills in credit card information for online forms. The phishing protection module is also great and tells you about the results of search engines that lead to harmful sites and prevents you from visiting them. The only problem with the service is the amount of power it needs; making its competitors stand a better chance against it. If you put a little more money on the counter, you can get Bitdefender Total Security. It has all of the above and protects up to five devices (PC, Mac, Android, and iOS). As a whole, Total Security gives you the best value for your money, but Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 also reaches the top of the list.

Norton AntiVirus

Protection that does not slow down your device

Operating system: Windows and Mac| Maximum number of protected devices: 1| Top features: Advanced privacy protection, secure online shopping (global civilian Intelligence network)

Norton AntiVirus Plus $ 19.99 / Year

+ A handy tool for backups

+ Eats only a small amount of system resources

+ Effective network security

– Browser extensions are not always reliable

Norton AntiVirus Plus is state-of-the-art in malware detection, helping to automatically protect a user’s computer. The renamed product was released in April 2019 to succeed the old Norton AntiVirus Basic. The transition from “Basic” to “Plus” sounds good, of course, but there are only a couple of new things involved. The biggest trump card of antivirus is its lightness. In PassMark’s latest test, Norton was number one on the list, which was measured by the low use of the machine’s resources. Norton offers a lot of small improvements as well as a variety of options and settings for those who need them. It comes with a handy tool to block malicious websites and a smart firewall. If anything goes past that, the excellent feature identifies suspicious downloads immediately based on the reputation of the files. If the malware still goes through that, the tool that monitors the device’s behavior will detect viruses as soon as problems occur.

Of course, you can also start the scans yourself. You may want to customize certain scans at regular intervals. What extra does Plus do compared to Basic? Just a couple of things: 2GB of extra cloud storage and an app to manage your passwords. The latter is a nice addition if one is not already in use. However, it is not on the same level as Dashlane and other market leaders. Unfortunately, there are also clear problems involved. The interface feels stiff, and more effort would be required to streamline it. Besides, blocking blackmail malware left much to be desired. Nonetheless, Norton AntiVirus Plus succeeds in its main tasks in all areas and offers a wide variety of configurations. In addition, it has performed brilliantly in all tests.

Hopefully, this comparison has helped you choose the most suitable antivirus software for your devices. You should also remember to check if any of these services are on a discount. First-time buyers or during black Friday or holidays, you may be able to buy the services for half the price or even cheaper.

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