How smartphones are changing the gaming industry

How smartphones are changing the gaming industry

With mobile casinos, you can turn your smartphone into a real online casino with the push of a button and experience the thrill of the game. You are no longer tied to your living room at home, but instead, you can play anywhere you want. Almost every online casino offers a mobile website or casino app, so here are some tips on choosing the best one. Before you begin your first mobile casino adventure though, you must first get an overview. Some casinos only offer websites, but others offer apps you can install on your phone, making playing much easier. The decision is yours; play on a website or install an app. Sometimes people may have trouble choosing an app. This is mainly because small programs collect additional information and, for legal reasons, need your location, for example.

Casino apps are the best option for mobile casinos.

Still, Casino Apps offer numerous benefits. For example, significantly better design, faster load times, and practical features. In addition, mobile applications consume significantly less data so you can cope much better outside your home WLAN.


Thanks to mobile casinos you have numerous options for your mobile trip to the world of online casinos; turning your smartphone into a perfect casino.


At first glance, mobile websites are the fastest solution. Because here you do not have to download an app and instead go directly to the online casino of your choice. Your mobile device will automatically detect this and open the mobile version for you. Besides, the mobile site automatically resizes to the screen size of your tablet or smartphone, thus providing a clear presentation. Still, you need to compare with a casino app to accept the loss of design, speed, and convenience. Unlike mobile sites, casino apps are specifically designed for all types of mobile phones and are therefore better tailored for your device.


The operating system, iOS, helps the casino app developers to further optimize the gaming experience. The result: sleek design, short download times, and useful features like Touch ID – for example. It is although difficult for casinos to get their apps into the Apple App Store. It needs to be reviewed in detail first before it becomes available to the public. It may be time-consuming for the developers, but it is a good thing for the players. With the thorough reviews from Apple, you can be sure that the app is safe, and any possible fraud is prevented.


Android is the most widely used operating system for tablets and smartphones. Because in addition to app developers, almost all service providers rely on Google software. But Android also plays a very important role in the mobile casino market. Installation is particularly easy. Because many providers offer downloads directly from their websites. So, you can also skip visiting the Google Play Store and simply install the casino app of your choice from the casino’s website. However, you should not blindly download software from unknown vendors to your smartphone.


The future belongs to mobile casinos! Gamblers around the world are already enjoying on their smartphones or tablets, all the great features online casinos offer. Thanks to new technical possibilities and the full use of the touch screen, we can expect many other successful titles for our mobile devices in the future.

Mobile casinos are evolving constantly; with VR-casinos becoming also more popular by the time. In times of social distancing, it feels nice to play with live dealers or just chat with other players. The interaction between casino players can grow even more in the long run and thus provide a whole new gaming experience.  At the moment, it’s pretty impossible to say how VR casinos will end up going. The biggest obstacle to their success so far is the price level of the equipment, which is too high for many ordinary consumers. However, technology giants are developing new and cheaper VR equipment to compete with the current ones. It remains to be seen when these accessories will be placed on the market – or even made available. The truth is that while there is a lot of talk about VR casinos, their potential breakthrough is likely to happen in several years. According to the most optimistic forecasts, it could happen in 2-3 years, but taking into account the technological challenges, it could take up to ten years.

The gaming industry is changing fast; new technologies are being developed and anything can happen in the meantime. What is fairly certain, however, is that even if VR casinos were to breakthrough in the years to come, regular online casinos would by no means stop, but would offer their services alongside VR casinos.

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