5 Tips for A Smoother Experience when Streaming Live Sports

5 Tips for A Smoother Experience when Streaming Live Sports

There’s nothing more annoying than a prolonged stutter, lag or a desync when you’re watching your favorite sports team compete against another.

Barring the fact that you have a bad internet connection, here are 5 tips on how you can smoothly stream live sporting events.

Get Your Device Ready

Video streaming can be carried out on a number of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers or TVs. Make sure that the device you intend to use supports the service and is powerful enough to stream without any hiccups.

You will want to test it beforehand if it’s the first time you’re streaming.

Ready the App or Streaming Service

You’ll also want to check and see if the app is updated before continuing. Don’t do it seconds before a game starts or you’ll find yourself scrambling and unable to watch the first few minutes.

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Consider a Wired Connection

Having a wired connection eliminates buffering and lag as long as you meet the minimum requirements. If you’re watching on a laptop, you can run a LAN from the ethernet port to your device and enjoy higher quality videos.

Wireless? Move Closer

Sometimes it’s just as simple as moving closer to the source of the internet connection. If you’re on a mobile, move closer to the router to diminish the distance.

Lighten the Load

Last but not the least you’ll want all of the internet bandwidth to focus on the streaming. Shut off programs or apps that use the internet, including Netflix, torrent peer to peer connections and YouTube, for example. Put off playing online games for later and just enjoy the show.

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