4 Tech Innovations That Made Playing Sports Safer

4 Tech Innovations That Made Playing Sports Safer

Getting injured is not an uncommon occurrence in the world of sports. Before, only a thin strip of leather came between your head and the impact of a tackle, but now there are polycarbonate shells that could stop a debilitating force.

These technologies made sports safer for its players and audiences alike.

The HANS Device

HANS, or head and neck support is a vital equipment usually used in motorsports. NASCAR director of development, research and safety chairman Thomas Gideon reached out to NASCAR players and had them wear the safety device so their lives could be saved following a car crash.

The HANS device wraps around the helmet and supports the shoulders. It effectively stops the wearer from experiencing whiplash and other severe twisting movements after a collision.


Wearables is an umbrella term that has a lot of tech devices under its belt. In the sports industry, various gadgets could monitor the player’s vital signs and alert the coach or health personnel if the user is experiencing dehydration, close to exhaustion, fatigue and others.

Once this happens the coach can bring the player quickly back and do testing before an injury occurs.


The ability to record training, do simulations and watch replays of previous games can help sports leagues understand why an injury occurs and how they can prevent it. These data are available anytime and can be viewed on many devices.

It’s the same kind of analytics in major sports broadcasting stations around the world. One of the biggest sports broadcasting company in South Korea, 먹튀 폴리스 shows every major games in leagues such as MLB, EPL and NBA, along with commentaries and post-game reports.

Hawk-Eye Technology

Real-time video replays can help referees perform better. The Hawk-Eye technology can capture footage faster than the eye can see and produce fair judgment on calls for both sides.

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