3 tips to help you find easy parking at Atlanta Airport

3 tips to help you find easy parking at Atlanta Airport

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is not just central to connectivity in the US but also globally significant. It is currently the second-busiest airport in the world in terms of total passenger traffic and was the busiest airport in the world during the previous decade. Do you want to guess how many passengers it serves every year? A whopping 110 million at last count!

Not considering the heavy footfall at the airport, the city of Atlanta is also a popular tourist destination – primarily because of its cultural importance. All this means that there is intense competition to get the best spots for parking at Atlanta Airport. Just imagine – there are thousands of residents and visitors going through the airport each day, each with his/her own vehicle. Even with the on-site parking lots, finding parking at Atlanta Airport is going to be a daunting exercise. We haven’t even considered the hike in parking rates during high-demand seasons!

Does this mean you have to give up on finding airport parking in Atlanta and throw in the towel? Absolutely not – we’re here to help! You can nab a prime parking spot in Atlanta if you know exactly where to look. We’ve listed down everything you should know about finding parking at Atlanta Airport. Once you’re familiar with these tips, you can outsmart the competition, avoid high parking rates, and find cheap parking at Atlanta Airport in a jiffy!

1.Know the different lots for parking at Atlanta Airport

There are different parking lots which you can opt for, depending on how long you want to park at the airport. Broadly, parking in Atlanta Airport can be divided into Domestic and International Lots. Under Domestic Parking, there are five lots you can choose from – Hourly Parking, Daily Parking, Economy Parking, ATL West Parking, and Park-Ride lots. The rates for this depend based on short-term or long-term parking.

Short-term Domestic Parking at Atlanta Airport

We would advise you to choose short-term parking at Atlanta Airport if your trip is less than 24 hours long. This could be for a personal emergency, an urgent business trip, or a short round trip. The benefit of short-term parking is that you only need to pay based on the number of hours you park. Short-term domestic parking at Atlanta airport is at five lots, as given below.

ATL Airport Parking LotATL Airport Parking Rate
Hourly Parking Lot$3/hour for 0-1 hour $3/hour for 1-2 hours $4/hour between 3-6 hours
Daily Parking Lot$3/hour
Economy Parking Lot$3/hour
ATL West Parking Lot$3/hour until 3 hours
Park-ride Lot$3/hour

Long-term Domestic Parking at Atlanta Airport

Long-term parking at Atlanta airport is best for trips that are longer than a day. These could be business trips of 3-4 days or week-long trips for work/leisure. Long-term parking at Atlanta Airport is slightly cheaper because you are charged a flat daily rate. It is offered at the five lots given below.

ATL Airport Parking LotATL Airport Parking Rate
Hourly Parking Lot$24/day
Daily Parking Lot$14/day
Economy Parking Lot$10/day
ATL West Parking Lot$14/day
Park-ride Lot$12/day

 International Parking at Atlanta Airport

ATL Airport Parking Lot ATL Airport Parking Rate
International Hourly Lot$3/hour for 0-1 hour $3/hour for 1-2 hours $4/hour between 3-6 hours $24/day for the first day, $12 for each additional day
International Park-Ride Lot$3/hour $34/day

Off-site parking near Atlanta Airport is a cheaper choice if you don’t mind parking within walking distance of the airport. Websites like Way.com and the Way app allow you to search for and find cheap airport hotel parking spots in the vicinity. Most of these off-site parking lots also have free shuttle service, saving you the hassle of parking at Atlanta Airport.

2. Try to find cheaper off-site parking at Atlanta Airport

You may have noticed the high on-site parking rates at Atlanta Airport. You might be wondering if airport parking really costs so much! There’s a better option right around the corner if you’re willing to park just walking distance from the airport. Off-site parking at Atlanta Airport can be as cheap as $3 a day!

Yes, there are many off-site parking lots near the airport that provide significantly lower parking rates. These lots are owned by airport hotels near Atlanta International Airport and can afford to give you discounted parking rates of up to 60% off. Although on-site parking at Atlanta International Airport starts at $10 per day, off-site parking can be as low as $3 per day! They also offer services such as car washes, oil changes, detailing, and more.

Off-site parking is particularly convenient if you have a late-night or early-morning flight to catch – also known as a “red-eye” flight. Many airport hotels offer packages in which you can park your car for pennies on the dollar and even book a room for the night if you like. This option is a steal because free shuttle services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! You can book a spot in a matter of minutes using websites or apps like Way.com, which offer steep discounts. They have safe, accessible, and contactless booking that can get you a parking spot in a matter of minutes!

3. Leave home early to beat rush hour traffic

The distance between downtown Atlanta and Atlanta International Airport is around 9 miles. The journey will take you about 30 minutes to complete at an average speed. However, you may encounter unexpected delays during your journey to the airport, particularly if you leave during rush hour or if the highway is under construction and traffic is diverted. It’s best if you start for the airport a good one hour before you have to be there, just to be safe.

Other tips for parking at Atlanta Airport

  • Atlanta Airport is located at the following address: 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320, United States.
  • Parking coupons are often available for parking at Atlanta Airport and can be got through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.
  • There is free parking at Atlanta Airport in the Cell Phone Lot. You can park and wait here if you are picking up passengers from the airport.
  • In case you need assistance for any issue such as vehicle lock-or security, customers may call for emergency assistance at (404) 530-6725.
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