Why is Everyone Crazy about Traditional Indian Jewelry?

Why is Everyone Crazy about Traditional Indian Jewelry?

Jewelry helps in enhancing one’s natural beauty. It injects a wealthy, powerful, and confident feel in the person wearing it. Many people wear jewelry as a part of the tradition, while others use it on certain occasions only. 

When it comes to jewelry, Indian culture stands out because jewelry not only means fashion, but it occupies an ethnic and spiritual meaning. Most of the Indian women wear certain jewelry items such as the “mangalsutra” a necklace boy by the married women only. It indicates that she has become a part of the husband’s extended family.  While anyone can wear some regular items such as earrings, rings, and normal necklaces, no matter what the occasion is. 

Famous Types of Indian Jewelry

Indian jewelry designs are not only famous in India but also in the international markets. The diverse traditional Rajasthani jewelry, Kundan, Jaipur, and Bikaneri ornaments are very popular in the global market. All of these classes represent a mix of ancient as well as the contemporary world.

  1. Kundan refers to a class in which gemstones are studded in the jewelry. This type is equally modern and traditional, which makes it outshine in the global market. 
  2. Jaipur and Bikaneri are the two popular classes of Indian jewelry. They are famous since time immemorial in the international market.
  3. Gold and silver ornaments are also famous in India; according to studies, about 11% of the world’s gold is possessed by Indian women. This proves the love of Indians for the gold and responsible for the unique creations of gold that are loved by a large population across the world. 
  4. Terracotta pieces of jewelry are also in other popular forms, and many Hollywood celebrities also wear these. They are not made from expensive and precious gemstones for metals; instead, they are a very colorful class of jewelry that comprises beads, threads, and other small but intricate details.

Indian Jewelry & the Global Market 

The traditional Indian jewelry is not limited within the boundaries but also influences and number of cultures across the world. Therefore there has been an increased demand for fusion jewelry than modern or traditional orthodoxy ones. Whether it’s Kundan, terracotta, Jaipur, gold, or silver jewelry, all are presented in a very stylish manner. Not only ordinary people but also professionals and designers love these jewelry pieces. 

The main reason behind the popularity of traditional Indian jewelry is that it has an ancient touch that replicates its heritage and also gives an equal-weightage to contemporary designs that make it popular in various cultures across the world.

Some facts that make Indian jewelry lovable in the global markets are given below.

  • It is a fusion of traditional and modern designs. This fusion appeals to the modern generation because they can wear it with contemporary attires and Western outfits as well. 
  • Whether it’s Kundan or gold, each piece is made with great care and has traditional artistry. 
  • It is elegant and lightweight, which draws the attention of the global market up to a great extent.
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