Which UK flower delivery service is best

Which UK flower delivery service is best

The full guide of choosing flower delivery companies in the year of 2021

How to choose a flower delivery service

Typing different questions or words in Google is the first, but not the last thing you can do to choose a flower delivery company. But, no question there, there will be many companies who are worth looking up page 2 or 3 of all Google’s results. But are you really going to make the best choice of flower bouquets that are out there?

In order to make the best choice, visit social medias such as Twitter or Facebook and try using the #hashtag method to discover flower delivery companies around you. The company called Flower Delivery uses their social media accounts very well and there is a great chance to discover beautiful bouquets and go to their website to order flowers of exactly your taste and preference without the need to inspect 10 or 20 websites from Google.

Just look up #birthdayflowerslondon and there you go – you already have so many pictures to choose bouquets from many pictures. It is easier to search and look up bouquets on Social Medias, compared to visit hundreds of products from so many websites, which you will not even remember.

What to look for when choosing flower delivery company

Prior to buying and sending your bouquets online make sure to look up the flower delivery time that the flower service provides. There are many companies and online florists that clearly state on their websites offering same day or next day flower delivery. Also, look up if the flower delivery is for free. Many florists offer paid same day flower delivery, but free next day flower delivery, if ordered by 12 PM, 2PM or 4PM – different florists have different coping times.

Secondly, but not of importance, give the flower shop a call! It is always useful to talk to a customer support manager and let them know that your order has been paid and ask for authorisation on their end. Such an example can be Handy Flowers who have their contact details listed on their flower website in the end as many do. There, you can see the payments methods prior to paying.

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