360 Car photography software that can change the Automotive industry

360 Car photography software that can change the Automotive industry

Covid is changing the way of life and how we look at things. IT is also changing industries and businesses.

The automotive industry is not any different. Similar to any other industry, the automotive industry is also looking for new ways to innovate and accommodate the new normal. In this new normal, everything online is becoming stronger than ever and the fight over customer attention is more than ever before. In these conditions, finding a solution to the problem of people coming to a dealer to see the cars and at the same time get more attention from users, is a priority for almost any car dealer. Glo3Dapp.com is a tech startup focused on creating a virtual tour engine for the automotive industry using 360 degree car photography. In short, the platform helps dealers, auction houses and insurance companies create a 360 photo of a car and combine an interior and exterior 360 car photo with hotspots that could be almost any media. The entire process can be handled by the wide range of products they have and it is very easy to use with a very short learning curve.

According to recent case studies, 60% of customers prefer to view a virtual tour of a car before heading to a dealership for a physical view. The other case studies show that time spent on a car page was an increase by 25% when 360 car photography was provided and the user could interact with the virtual tour to move around the car and see it from different angles.

Traditionally, the automotive industry has been a slow adopter of new technologies but the new covid conditions have pushed everyone to find a new solution and it seems the 360 car photography and companies that offer technologies around that solution are gaining momentum.

The process works by offering a mobile and desktop app to dealers and auction houses for initial car photography. The 360 car photography can be done using a smartphone or a DSLR camera.

Once the capture is complete, it can be edited via mobile or a desktop app provided by the company. Some of the edit options a=einldue Ai background removal, Auto alignment of the 360 photo and multi-level zoom to offer more detail.

You could also crop the 360 photo or adjust the balance/contracts etc….. Once the edit is complete the platform offers direct integration with the most popular inventory management software such as V auto product lines and many others so the process of integration to the company website and other outlets happens seamlessly.

The integration platform automatically scans different outlets for support or 360 photo and if not possible, it automatically generates a marketing video and uses the video of the car spinning and the interior 360 photo as additional content.

Fo any platform that supports description or feature list(almost all of the platforms) the Glo3Dapp.com offer a clickable link to open a virtual tour of the car.

So regardless of the target market and target outlet for advertising the car, Glo3Dapp.com is offering a complete solution from Capture to the point of getting the virtual tour of the car in front of the end-user.

I tried this platform and it takes about 3 min for the initial interior and exterior 360 photo and after that about 10 min to have hotspots added and make it ready for launch.

The design seems promising as it increases engagement and allows online shoppers to view the car from different angled and zoom in to see deficiencies and read the information in a game-like environment.

This will result in additional engagement, time spent on-site and in a nutshell, a memorable experience.

They offer a lot of tutorial videos on their youtube channel and I definitely recommend giving it a try.

They have a FREE plan that lets you take 3 Cars. If you are a car collector and just want to keep 360 photo of your car, this is the best plan, FREE. I also compared their pricing on the paid plans comparing to some of their competitions like Carspin and they are almost 70% less with many additional features such as multi-level zoom, background removal, multimedia hotspots, just to name a few.

360 car photography technology will differently gain momentum and in the online world that the main battle is to gain customers’ attention, this can be a great tool to not only educate the audience but also increase engagement and stand out by creating a memorable experience.

Cristina Macias
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