Top 5 Online Selenium Grid

Top 5 Online Selenium Grid

Managing and maintaining infrastructure is a difficult task, especially when you have to deal with thousands of browsers and browser combinations. Online Selenium Grid helps you avoid the infrastructure setup costs, licensing costs, maintenance efforts, and hassle of keeping browsers and devices updated, and above all the time saved on these efforts. With the right online selenium grid, you can save a lot of efforts and time and perform automated cross browser testing. 

So, to give you a brief introduction about online selenium grid, it is an important tool in the Selenium suite of tools. Selenium grid helps you to parallelly run multiple tests across different combinations of browsers, operating systems, and machines. Based on hub node architecture, when used, Selenium grid helps you save a lot of execution time. 

There are various online selenium grids that help you perform automated cross browser testing across various browsers, browser versions, and operating systems with the help of Selenium automation scripts. But which is the top online Selenium grid that suits your needs? Pick it up yourself. Here, we have mentioned the top five online Selenium grids that can help you in performing automated cross browser tests on cloud. 

1. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is one of the top online Selenium grid for automated cross browser testing for performing Selenium Automation Testing. With LambdaTest, you can run automation tests on scalable, secure and reliable across Selenium grid of 2000+ browsers and ensure that your users get perfect experience across all browsers, browser versions and operating systems.

You can run your automation scripts in parallel on LambdaTest on-demand scalable Selenium infrastructure and cut down on build times drastically. Also, you can calculate browser capabilities with LambdaTest capabilities generator.

It supports all Selenium supported programming languages like Java, C#, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby and all associated automated testing frameworks. You can also integrate LambdaTest with most popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Teamcity, Travis CI etc. Also, you can easily integrate LambdaTest with top bug tracking and project management tool like JIRA, Asana, Slack, Trello, BitBucket, GitLab, GitHub, Clubhouse, VSTS, BugHerd, Mantis, and many more for better issue tracking.

LambdaTest “Test analysis” is one of the attracting features for users. It provides detailed analysis of Selenium tests with metrics like Number of Bugs Logged, Minutes Consumed and Queue Utilisation, Testing Frequency, Passed Failed Ratio, Errors in terms of chart and data analytics and a lot more for better debugging and analysis 

LambdaTest Selenium grid pricing is based on concurrent session model. It starts with $59 per month for 1 concurrent session which covers Unlimited Automation Testing, Unlimited Realtime Browser Testing, Unlimited Screenshot Testing, Unlimited Responsive Testing, 24×7 Support and 3rd Party App Integrations. It is the least pricing for any online Selenium Grid. You can also test for free in the first 15 days of your signup as you get free 100 minutes of automation testing as well. 

2. Browserstack

Browserstack offers online Selenium grid of more than 1500 browsers and real devices. It supports Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and Edge web browsers and all iOS and Android devices. With secure and encrypted BrowserStack tunnel, you can perform automation testing of your locally hosted web apps or websites.

Browserstack provides integration with CI plugins like Jenkins, Travis, Azure Pipelines for continuous deployment of builds. With Browserstack parallel testing, you can run multiple tests across grid of browsers and devices and speed up your testing life cycle.

You can also debug all Selenium and Javascript tests with debugging tools and Browserstack also provides test logs, video recording of Selenium test, Network logs, screenshots of issues found in test etc to help debug the issue. 

Browserstack Automate Pro plan starts with $99 per month billed annually and $129 month-to-month. Pro plan includes Unlimited Live, Unlimited Screenshots, Unlimited Responsive testing, Unlimited Screenshots via API and Unlimited Automate Desktop testing. Browserstack also provides exclusive plan for freelancers ($12.50/mo billed annually. $19 month-to-month) and free plan open source projects.

3. Crossbrowsertesting

With Crossbrowsertesting, you can automate website testing with Selenium tests running on Selenium grid of mobile and desktop browsers. You can also automate mobile native apps with Appium testing framework across various real Android & iOS devices.

With powerful integration to CI tools like Jenkins, Teamcity, Travis CI etc, you can run Selenium tests in parallel every time you deploy new build to production while performing Selenium Automation Testing. You can also test your webapps or websites behind the firewall or on local system with Crossbrowsertesting tunnel. And you can get access to desktop and mobile browsers with different geo locations.

With Crossbrowsertesting’s parallel testing, you can run your tests in parallel and radically shorten test execution time. You can spend more time to innovate and build.


Automated testing plan starts with $60/ month billed annually with features 1 Parallel Live Test, 1 Parallel Automated Test, 1,000 Automation Minutes, Real Mobile Devices and Replay Suites.
Unlimited automated testing plan starts with $100 per month billed annually for 1 Parallel session(upto 5 users).

4. Sauce Labs

SauceLabs is yet another online Selenium grid platform which allows you to run selenium tests on cloud across more than 800 browser and operating system combinations.  SauceLabs helps you to run your Selenium tests across real devices on cloud assuring a secure and reliable cloud grid. 

You can write your automation test scripts in all major languages including Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, or C#. SauceLabs also provides you with ten major integrations including Jenkins, MSFT, VSTS, Bamboo, Circle CI, Travis CI and BitBucket. You can easily test across 800 browsers and operating systems combinations on SauceLabs online selenium grid. 


Saucelabs pricing is based on the type of devices you need for performing testing. You can choose between real and virtual devices and go for the pricing plan accordingly. 

For testing on virtual plans, the automated testing for 2 concurrent sessions start from $149/month billed annually and $199 billed on a month to month basis. For real devices the pricing for 2 concurrent sessions is moved up to $349 billed annually and $469 when billed on a month to month basis. 

5. TestComplete

Developed by Smartbear, Testcomplete is yet another popular Automation Testing tool for UI. With Testcomplete, you can perform automated functional testing across various desktop, mobile, and web applications in a faster manner which are easier to create and maintain. 

Testcomplete is the first automation tool which uses AI powered visual recognition engine for testing on desktop, web, and mobile application. The best thing about Testcomplete is you have an option to choose to script or not to script. You have the flexibility to script in the top five languages including JavaScript, Python, VBScript. 


So, these were some of the major online Selenium Grids which can help you in performing cross browser testing. However, you need to decide the one which suits you the best, the one which meets your requirements. Online Selenium Grids no doubt help you to run automated test cases across a huge list of browsers, OS, and devices hence aiding you in performing cross browser testing. So, choose one cross browser testing online selenium grid for your business and performing testing like never before.  

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