The do’s and don’ts of e-commerce by Anthony Davian

The do’s and don’ts of e-commerce by Anthony Davian

E-commerce is the buying and selling of products over the internet. E-commerce has become significantly important in today’s market. Most of the business done nowadays is over the internet. Many people have been shifting towards the e-commerce business. Businesses on the internet have made things easier for a lot of organizations but with the competition increasing every business must take various steps carefully to ensure the success of an e-commerce business. A guide of proper do’s and don’ts is set up by Anthony Davian to help e-commerce businesses grow better.

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  • Anthony Davian explains that the first step in setting up good e-commerce is to create a user-friendly website. A business is ought to give proper time to the development of their website.
  • A proper risk analysis should be done to create a sturdy foothold for the business for any future mishaps. Proper risk analysis and management always help in crises. Most of the businesses would start their e-commerce businesses without a proper plan or risk management which can result in the halt of the business activities in a crisis and affect the business negatively.
  • Anthony Davian pressed deeply on the importance of knowing the target audience. Knowing one’s target audience plays a big part in setting up a proper site and marketing. A business knowing the target audience can grow its business at a significantly better rate. This way the product can be marketed to the audience willing to buy it. The ads marketed to the wrong audience can result in a loss of investments in the marketing.          


  • The first thing that Anthony Davian explained that an emerging e-commerce business should not do is to concentrate on the features rather than planning how to sell the current product. Most of the new businesses get stuck in a loop of changing small site elements now and then. The resources are being used to correct the lesser important aspects of a business. These resources should be used in proper marketing or other important characteristics instead.
  • Another thing that Anthony Davian suggested is to not hop on every trend that the other businesses are following. While running an e-commerce business most organizations tend to get on the band-wagon of trends followed by other businesses without analyzing the capabilities of one’s own business first. Most of the trends do not apply to every business and one should take proper measures in deciding whether the trend is beneficial for their company or not.
  • Do not use negative examples to promote your products such as “Do not miss this sale like other people”. Studies suggest that negative reinforcement is not an effective strategy to persuade someone into agreeing with you. Instead, positive reinforcement must be used at all times during marketing so that the targeted audience can be attracted to the said product. The positive reinforcement can be like “Use this product like others around you”.
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