Is Windows 10X Ever Going to Replace Windows 10? Here are our thoughts

Is Windows 10X Ever Going to Replace Windows 10? Here are our thoughts

Windows has come a long way since Microsoft first introduced it to the world. It has surely made it to most of our desktops and laptops. Windows 10X is a new version which has been in the development and is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2021 on new machines.

Windows 10X was built based on the “Windows Core OS” which was built as a lite version of Windows 10, it removes various legacy features and services to aide and add security and better interfaces for the users.

Why Windows 10X – Is It any faster or better?

This version is better because it will support Win32 software and they will be isolated to the other full environment this means that if there is a virus or malware it won’t affect the battery life or even the performance of the system along with tightened security.

Let’s find out below!

Dual-Screen support

Windows 10X has built-in Dual-Screen support which means better productivity and apps now actually taking advantage for giving you view space on two areas. This will allow users to have more apps open on their screens. This is also enhanced with the introduction of Wonder Bar; this is a very intuitive touch panel for the magnetic flip keyboards that you can use.

A completely new visual look for you minimalistic lovers

The Start Menu has received a full major redesign and most substantial makeover in years. It now looks very simply and is decluttered. It also incorporates some ML and AI into it in the face of (recent activities) that it guesses based on your behaviour and recommends what the next apps you might want to use are!

The taskbar has now also been totally redesigned and opens up in the centre of the bottom menu. The best side is that you can adjust the sizes of the taskbar yourself in sizes such as small, medium, or even large.

The action center now allows you to quickly change settings such as brightness, turn on airplane mode, WiFi and have a small media player in the background.

There are now also changes to the way updates are commenced when compared to Windows 10, feature updates are much faster and should not hold you waiting when you want to get some work done.

The file explorer also looks to be very different in visual looks. It’s as if the whole OS has a white theme to it. It looks like OneDrive’s file menu because Afterall it is a web-first approach.

Wallpapers are finally not boring

This is slightly like how the dynamic wallpapers work on iOS and changes based on time of day. Alternatively, there might also be a chance of making it more visually appealing such as by using Windows 10 themes. Depending on the theme pack you may also get a series of 4K or HD images that will rotate at certain times. It is not yet clear if changes to the folder icons will yet be supported.

Security is at core – well that’s what is claimed

This version of OS uses a new feature called ‘Layers’ this separates the core OS files from the rest of the system files you may have. A perfect example of this scenario is that if you accidentally open an email attachment with malware your applications will only be affected not the full operating system.

Pre-installed bloatware – You might not like this

Some of us are very limited to the storage we have on our new fancy laptops or PC’s as we might have SSD drives. Having extra apps that are already installed is not going to help much! It is noted that it might come with the following already preloaded:

  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Microsoft Edge Browser
  3. Microsoft Teams for collaboration

To be honest, analysing what they have been adding in previous years this is not quite many apps that might bother you.

Last thoughts

We have still got a lot to uncover here and there are also some reports of missing Cortana and replacing it with Windows Hello which is a very welcome change. There are yet more features to be unveiled such as further support of different screen orientations, currently this is aimed towards their Surface line-up, but this could go further to other brands as well such as Dell, ASUS and Lenovo.

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