The Best Way to Disinfect Your Carpet

The Best Way to Disinfect Your Carpet

In order to protect your family, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of every surface in your home. Regular carpet cleaning is essential for keeping the air in your home clean and fresh. There are many microorganisms to be found in carpets, and some of them can be harmful. Besides vacuuming daily, which is very important to prevent the dust from settling deep into the carpet, you should use steam carpet cleaning services once or twice a year to deeply sanitize and disinfect your carpet.

However, let’s start with some useful information on what harmful organisms have started living on your carpet:

Dust mites

In carpets, especially with a long pile, a huge amount of dust accumulates. This is the ideal habitat of dust mites. These creatures produce excrement equal to 200 times their own weight over the course of their lives. They, along with their toxic waste products, enter the air we breathe, and that causes sneezing, coughing, dizziness and other allergic reactions, which are especially dangerous for children. Due to constant contact with dust mites, immunity can decrease and a full-fledged allergy may develop.

Fighting dust mites on your own is difficult, but not impossible. The problem is that they breed very quickly – they lay about 1200 eggs yearly. The population density in a large colony is about 100,000 micro parasites per square meter of carpet. To get rid of ticks and their offspring, it is necessary to ventilate rooms with carpets every day, regularly vacuum them, and even use an ultraviolet lamp.


Fleas prefer dry places. The easiest way to get inside your home is on the back of your loving pet. Through a bite, a flea can infect a person with various parasites, cause itching, dermatitis, and even transmit dangerous diseases.

It is much easier to remove fleas from your pet than to remove them from the carpet. A vacuum cleaner will not help much here, and if you also do not throw out the dust collector immediately after cleaning, jumping parasites will quickly get back to your carpet.

Pets are a source of parasites, hair and skin micro particles. In addition, they themselves accumulate dust in their wool and spread it throughout the premises. In order to have less dust and insects in their wool, it is recommended to comb out their fur and use the necessary treatments. Also, do not forget to wipe their feet when getting home after a walk.

Carpet cleaning services are extremely helpful when it comes to fighting such type of enemy. Experts are supplied with powerful equipment and professional preparations that will help you rid of this unwanted guest in your home.

How Often Do You Have To Clean Your Carpet?

To reduce the population of parasites in carpets to the absolute minimum, it is necessary to use deep carpet cleaning procedure it at least once every year. Maintenance dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner should be carried out daily, especially on high traffic areas. If there are children in the house, it gets dirtier faster, and naturally has to be cleaned more often. In that case, vacuum at least 2-3 times a week. Natural carpets are better at collecting dust, mites and other microorganisms, so they should be treated more often than synthetic ones.

A powerful vacuum cleaner provides support by removing some insects, epidermal particles and the dust that feeds them. High-temperature carpet steam cleaning kills the parasites. Regular application of these two methods minimizes the presence of pathogens in the carpet.

Industrial carpets have a special factory impregnation, as evidenced by the characteristic pungent smell. After some time, as a result of repeated cleaning, the protective substance is gradually removed. Therefore, for preventive purposes, carpets are periodically impregnated with anti-mite compounds.

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