Technology Inventions That Has Been A Disaster

Technology Inventions That Has Been A Disaster

It is not easy to make up the list of bad technologies from the past decade. It is hard to agree that what really are the disastrous technology inventions. But, ended up making a list of few technologies that proved they are not worth it.

What are really these kinds of technologies? So here is a really brief introduction of them, these technologies have either failed to get to their admirable aims, or they have succeeded through wicked ways. Even sometimes the most useful technologies proved their fatalness, such as cars.

So, here is a shortlist of such technology inventions.

  • Segway

It is an expensive scooter, which will make you look silly while riding on it, which was promoted as a device that will transform cities and transportation. But it seems like it couldn’t stand on words said by themselves.

  • Google Glass

Coming to a pathetic thing from such a high company wasn’t expected by people. It would have been more acceptable if it came from some lesser company. As usual, this device was also given unusual hype and turned out not to be as expected.

  • Electronic Voting

This thing may sound nice to you, and you might think the world is towards advancement, but the online voting system is not a good way. The online voting system is more vulnerable to hacking. And it may not be as authentic as a paper ballet system.

  • One Laptop per Child

Most of the people think it is a good initiative to solve inequality in education problems. But it may not be true. Things that are so easy to have got no worth. Plus, young people are too easy to misguide. Instead of studying, they will use a laptop to play online games such as keluaran sgp

  • Cryptocurrency

This thing has been an addition to causing inequality in societies. It is a way for a handful of speculators to get very rich, and the poor get poorer. Moreover, it is misapplied technology.

  • E-cigarettes

This new thing in the market has addicted a lot of young kids towards itself. It is not as dangerous as cigarettes, but still, it has its own worst effects on us. In this time, when we should stop our youth from smoking and going towards drugs, this invention of e-cigarettes has created a loophole for them. 

The world is full of useless inventions. Try finding one, and you will get a long list of them.    

Cristina Macias
Cristina Macias is a 25-year-old writer who enjoys reading, writing, Rubix cube, and listening to the radio. She is inspiring and smart, but can also be a bit lazy.