Must Have Gadgets In The Year 2020

Must Have Gadgets In The Year 2020

Technology has been updated with respect to every era and its need. Every year, a new version of the previous technology has been introduced with more useful features, reducing human effort. And so is their requirement increased. 

Without wasting your time on pointless trinkets, we have got you a list of best gadgets of 2020 by casting our expert eyes over the latest tech. This list of tech has been made after the hand-on tests done by us, and we have made sure that the device works best for you. Give it a look!

Moto 360 Smart Watch

Everyone has been fancying Apple’s smartwatches, but look at this beauty. It is classy, has a stainless steel body and a rotating crown, leather strap, and feels light. What you can actually do on a smartwatch, is dictated by this watch.

EZVIZ C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

This tennis ball size security camera is really a solid thing. Easy installation, you can have a full-screen live stream and save the footage as well. It comes with an app. It is an ideal security camera for your home.

NowLight self-powered lamp

It is the best gadget for camping. No matter how stuffed you are for camping, it is a must-have thing. Camping will be a lot easier with this lamp. It has 160-lumen lamps, which have more than enough bright light.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

Most suitable monitor for ones who are obsessed with games. Its huge, 49-inch curved screen with 5120×1440 resolution to enjoy your favorite online games such as ceme online.

NuraLoop Headphones

These headphones have an equalizer that set frequencies you are most or least sensitive to. It measures your ear response and then sets a profile to equalize the output of your hearing. These are totally worth it.

Meeting Owl Pro Video Conference Camera

In this pandemic situation where everything is done online, this video conference camera is a must thingto have. It has autofocussed and smart zooming app. It also comes with powerful speakers. 

Ember Mug and Travel Mug

Living in this fast-moving world, we often forget our tea or coffee. And a cold and forgotten cup of tea/coffee is an insult to queen and country. Ember Mug connects to your smartphone via the app and notifies you when the drink has reached the perfect temperature. 

Try these gadgets, and you will see your work getting a lot easier!

Cristina Macias
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