Making the perfect home inventory list

Making the perfect home inventory list

In every household, there are some things that are not being used anymore and are just occupying space. When you think of moving then letting go of some of this unwanted stuff is really necessary. In that case, it is very important to first make a list of all the inventory in your house that you possess after which it would be much easier for you to decide which thing to let off and which to keep. It would be good for you if you keep note of everything that comes through the way for which you could either use a pen and paper or document it digitally through an app. Expert mover, check out here for details, explain that the digital approach is more helpful and efficient.

We would also like to say that if any item you find that is not suitable enough to move to your new house should be donated rather than selling it. Here are few steps that would help you make your home inventory list.

♦ Organize Everything 

The first thing that you should proceed with is organizing your messy rooms if any because anyways it is better to have your rooms organized if you are thinking of moving. An organized room would help you in covering every small item present in the house which has a higher chance of missing your sight if in an unorganized space. You could start by going for one room at a time and start by noting down the larger items first.

Furniture pieces like beds, dressers, wardrobe, couches, etc. should be first on the list, and moving further you could go with noting the smaller items like cabinets, drawers, etc. After making sure that nothing escapes your list you could move to the next room and repeating the same process once again.

Once you are done with organizing and noting down all the inventory in your house, then the next is to decide which all stuff is going to stay with and which is going to be sold or donated. A good tip is to sell those large items that you think would be difficult to move to the new house as they might act as a liability and the cost of shipping them might be much higher than their present cost.

♦ Get a detailed quote

There are a lot of cases in which a communication gap is found between the company and the client. This gap revolves around the discrepancy found in the amount of allocated allowance of cargo in the quote versus that is found at the site. This kind of problem mostly arises only when there is not much liquidity in the amount of stuff that can be shipped. You should be open with the moving company from the very start and tell then each and every small detail of the shipping that has to be carried out.

The measurements of all the inventory should be readily available with the company so that they can also calculate the hardships or any extra labor that might be required and the site. These extra details would also be helpful during the packaging and reassembling of the inventory in your new house. You should also be clear with the movers, with detailing which stuff is particularly more valuable than the rest and something which is highly fragile so that extra care of these should be taken during the transit.

Boxes with glass, crockery, electronics, antiques, or collectibles should be marked beforehand either by you or the packing service agents. You should also mark every box with a number so that you know which contains what. This would also help you know that each and every box has reached the destination and nothing is lost or stolen during the transit.

♦ Digital Information

The best way of getting a perfect quote for your next move is to send pictures and videos of your entire inventory to the moving company. It would help the moving company assess that what all individual items they have to ship and what size of truck and number of laborers might be required to execute the move. Still, the digital quote might not put a fixed amount in front of you but would help you get a basic idea of the amount of money that you might end up spending over it.

It is not necessary to send pictures of each and every small inventory present in your house, in fact, it will also increase the difficulty for the moving company in quoting you a price. The estimate will only give you an idea of the amount charged for every different service. If found some unique item that would require extra packaging like kitchenware and crockeries in special boxes then that might cost you a little extra. Furniture and heavy that might require disassembly or reassembly can easily be judged through the photos and mention in the quote.

An inventory list for the household makes your move planning and organization approach very easy. You need to make your new house a perfect home and hence planning and inventory management is important. Keep these things in mind and enjoy a safe and successful move.

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