Interior Design Trends That Will Help Your House Sell Quickly

Interior Design Trends That Will Help Your House Sell Quickly

If you’re trying to sell your house on the open market quickly, you can’t just list it and hope for the best. You have to put in the effort, time, and money that let’s market buyers see the full potential of the home right now. And you need to remove your personality as much as possible in order to create space for buyers to see themselves living there.

Whether that means home staging or simply making a major effort on your own, you’ll want to make sure your house is not only trendy but also speaks to potential buyers in a way that will make them want to make an offer immediately.

“Just because something was trendy when you bought the house, that doesn’t mean it’s still the right thing to show buyers,” says Kurt Walker, owner of Cream City Home Buyers, a real estate investment firm and solutions company that buys homes as-is for cash. “You need to speak to the way buyers want to see their own homes right here and now.”

 Let’s take a closer look at interior design trends that will help your house sell quickly.

Stainless Steel

For many, stainless steel has become an old standby and there’s a good reason this kitchen feature has been popular for a few years now. Stainless steel speaks to a modern sensibility that tells buyers that this house has been remodeled or upgraded and isn’t stuck in the past. Whether we’re talking about the appliances or any of the surfaces in the kitchen, it gives buyers a sense that the place is clean, in good condition, and won’t need to be renovated anytime soon. That’s a big deal for buyers looking to find a long-term place to call home.

Freestanding Bathtub

While many buyers want modernity in the kitchen, they appreciate some vintage charm in the bathroom. There’s no better way to evoke a sense of classic comfort than with a freestanding bathtub. While some buyers will want to see a modern shower or large tub, there’s something about a freestanding tub that is just so charming and speaks to the sensibility of a buyer looking for a cozy home. Also, since classic bathtubs have become trendy, they also do inform buyers that there’s been some work done here and that means it’s something they won’t have to worry about.

Smart Technology

Millennials are one of the largest home buying blocks right now and they’re looking for houses that include smart technology and incorporate environmentally friendly features. So if your house doesn’t already have any of those, you might want to consider making some upgrades. Interior flourishes that will stand out to this crowd include smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, smart locks, smart lighting, and smart sprinklers. Anything that the buyer could monitor and assess from their phone will make them feel more excited about the potential here. Plus, many of these smart and eco-friendly technologies encourage cheaper utility bills, which is a big selling point.

Also, the kind of decorative choices you make could have a major impact on the way modern buyers look at your house. If they’re concerned about the environment, they might be looking at what’s in the house and attaching values to that. So think about things like where the furniture comes from, whether you’re using recycled materials, if you’re using wood that was acquired using responsible forest management, and if you’re reusing or repurposing items as decor.

Quartz Countertops

Much like with stainless steel, some people might feel like quartz countertops have been a mainstay forever. But they’ve really only become a trendy option in recent years as a mass level. The sleekness of quartz evokes style and cleanliness, two things buyers are certainly looking for. Quartz in the bathrooms really makes things pop and upgrades the feel of everything around it without trying too hard.

Pinks & Blues

Color schemes can be tricky since one year’s trendy colors and next year’s tired looks. If you’re looking for colors that are going to be very now, consider that the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue. According to them, “Classic Blue brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge. That sure sounds like the kind of feeling you want to affect potential buyers. It’s not drab either as it’s a version of blue that includes some shininess and is very easy to add via accent pieces throughout your house. And if you’re going to use a shiny blue, pink is one of the best colors to match it with. You don’t want to go crazy on pink, however. Keep it muted with blush tones and avoid anything too bright or flashy.


If you’re focused on how to bring some blue & pink into the place, a fun way to do that would be to mix it with another trendy item, floral wallpaper. This isn’t your grandparent’s florals. Today’s florals are bolder, modern, and even metallic. This can be a bit of a flashy option for a lot of people, so if you want to give yourself some options, consider using stick-on wallpaper to try it out.

Entertainment Options

Even before we were all stuck inside our houses for extended periods of time, entertaining in the house was very much on-trend. People are looking for ways they can host get-togethers, parties, and simple hangouts in their own home comfortably and with a little fun. That’s what makes home bars such a popular and trendy sight. Built-in bars have become a very hot listing item according to real estate agents and there’s just something about turning a corner and seeing a stocked bar in the house that gives it that extra boost.

Bold Monochromatic Design

Want to add some serious color pop to your house listing? Consider a monochromatic (consisting of one color) room. It can certainly be a bold statement but if you use an exciting or inviting color, like Cobalt Blue, you’re going to make sure your house stands out from the crowd. It might be a good idea to try this with a kid’s room or playroom as it gives potential buyers a chance to see it in action but also allows for others to see it as an aesthetic choice for children that also makes sense.

Dark Doors

If you’ve got a house full of white doors, consider giving them new life by painting them in rich, dark colors that add some warmth and character, not only to the frame but also to the room around them. Darker doors make ideal spaces to showcase accent pieces and invite people into an artistic area. They also seem to showcase the personality of the room or the person living in it. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter.

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