Instagram: The Perfect Brand Promotions Solution

Instagram: The Perfect Brand Promotions Solution

Instagram has 700 million active users and with the help of buy Instagram followers Australia, any brand can achieve heights of success

With the development of the internet and the innovation of various social media platforms, marketing and advertising have undergone a great change. Days have long passed when businesses invest in large posters and billboards just to attract potential consumers. Nowadays, there are various apps like Instagram allowing you to advertise with one click. Not only this, but you can also attract real buyers and take orders online. Moreover, brands and businesses guide massive traffic to their websites by using interactive social media marketing strategies.

Instagram is one of the popular visual-content-based apps having more than 700 million active users. These millions of users are not only the basic charm but IG also has the most number of celebrity accounts. Fashion icons, actors, actresses, models, singers, artists, public icons, and even politicians have their official IG profiles and pages. 

Online pages are flooded with various tips and tricks to utilize Instagram for the best of any brand. Instead of scrolling lots of pages and blogs, here you will learn the best tips that will increase the visibility of your IG page. Let’s start the quest!

Instagram has become the best photo-sharing app boosting brands

Instagram totally relied on visual content. A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram proves it. Brands post their content on regular basis. There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram. A study conducted by a well-known magazine shows that almost 500 million users on Instagram use stories to instantly update their status.

To gather the crowd in one place, some sort of stardom and charm are required. Instagram, right after its launch in 2010, captured a huge number of celebrities around the world. These celebrities not only use the popular photo-sharing app themselves but they attract their huge fan following to the app as well. Having a large number of real followers on Instagram counts a lot. Buy Instagram followers Australia assists brands and businesses in achieving a large number of active followers, instantly.

Almost 37% of the American Population uses Instagram

Another great advantage that must be acknowledged by brands is that 37% of the American population is active users of IG. This totals at 120 million active users out of 700 million. Put short, if brands and businesses only focus the American users, a lot can be achieved. Even in India, there are 75 million active IG users creating and posting content on daily basis. Though this is only 6% of the total Indian population, they are potential consumers of various brands.

How to advertise on Instagram and what is an effective social media marketing strategy?

Instagram has four main features; photos, videos, carousels, and stories. For effective and efficient marketing and highly result-oriented advertisement, brands utilize all these features. It is recommended to post the brand’s services-related content at regular intervals. Photos along with videos promise great results. Another highly efficient feature of IG is stories. We all love stories and Instagram has made it incredible to tell stories in the form of short 30 second videos.

Stories appear on your status for 24 hours and then they automatically disappear. This short but comprehensive, only if utilized effectively, feature plays an important role in long-run promotional campaigns. Likes, comments, and followers are the numbers brands look at. The more followers you have the more likes and comments you’ll win. Among various methods to achieve a large number of followers, likes, and comments, boosting pages via third-party service providers saves time and effort.

Sum Up

Instagram is the best social media app having 1 billion users, among them 700 million are active users. Almost 37% of the total American population is active users on Instagram. From photos to stories, Instagram has packed the best solution for effective brand promotions. What you are waiting for!

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