How to Use White Label SEO to Improve Agency Revenues  

How to Use White Label SEO to Improve Agency Revenues

By now, you probably know you need SEO to promote your website and keep your target audience connected to your products and services. However, you might not know the best way to improve your site rankings and customer satisfaction rate using search optimization tools and already are busy serving your current clients. If this describes your situation, you will benefit from finding a reliable white label SEO company.

What is a white label SEO company?

A white label SEO company is an SEO reseller firm that provides you with search engine optimization services you need. This expertise is provided to you without requiring you to learn and implement your own business technology. You also don’t have to waste time better spent with your clients learning how to perform effective website SEO.

Key SEO Reseller Review Points When Seeking an SEO Firm

If you’ve never used a white label SEO firm before, you might feel like you’re in “no-man’s land.” The following list of reviewing guidelines will help you choose the right SEO reseller to perform your website ranking tasks.

a) Read online reviews

Reviews from other SEO reseller users can provide you the feedback you need before committing to a white label SEO program. Social media sites often provide spots on business pages where you can find customer comments and ratings. When seeking the information you need, look for recent activity, a profile picture or frequency of posts to ensure the published reviews are coming from real not fake accounts. If the reviews are from legitimate sources, they might tell you all you need to know about how useful a white label SEO firm would be to you.

b) Make sure they, themselves, have strong SEO

Anyone can talk the talk, but can they also walk the walk? Use free SEO tools to find out if an SEO reseller has the domain authority, page ranking or visitor retention you want. Also look for evidence of results usually available in reports provided on white label SEO firm websites. You also might consider downloading free white papers if offered on an SEO reseller site, or you might want to contact the provider for more information.

Usually, high-performing white label SEO resellers will not hesitate when you ask them for proof of prior positive results. This might include “before and after” demonstrations of how they improved their own SEO as well as those of clients they serve. Data like this usually is integrated in screenshots of their SEO performance dashboards and might even be available to you via email or notification.

c) Have video calls to assess communication

You will want to see results, and you need to have someone available to you if you have questions and concerns. Furthermore, you need to be able to check in just like a mother would if using a nanny cam. You have the right to know at all times what strategies your SEO provider is using, and you also have the right to know if it’s working. Most importantly, you need to have the assurance your white label SEO company is doing the work they say they will do. All this assurance can be provided via direct communication face to face via video calls.

d) Review KPIs (task due-dates, turnaround times, customer satisfaction scores, ranking tracking)

You need evidence that a white label SEO program completes task due-dates according to your preferred timetable. They also must demonstrate quick SEO result turnaround times, which usually is an improvement in website rankings within at least 4-6 months.

Ranking tracking should also indicate slow and steady metrics improvements within 6-12 months when using a private label SEO program. Customer satisfaction scores also matter, and your white label SEO company should be able to show you high satisfaction. This is usually determined by how relevant a landing page is to the search terms used when making a query.

If a customer doesn’t have to press the “back button,” that’s the best indicator that they were satisfied with what they found on the page. The next-best search term would be at least they found a link to relevant content displayed on the original found landing page.

Of course, a white labeling SEO agency must also have ranking and tracking tools that provide accurate assessments. Ideally, these utilities would integrate some of the most popular free and paid optimization tools.

e) Understand their SEO approach – Does it fit with yours?

The results of services provided by SEO reseller programs must match with your objectives. For instance, you probably desire to focus on your primary role to your target audience – delivering the goods and services of which you have the expertise. When you turn over the search engine optimization tasks to private label SEO programs, you should be able to rely on them to complete the website ranking process without much fuss.

If improving your customer base is also a priority, a reliable SEO reseller plan will also help you achieve that goal. Ideally, SEO reseller plans would include strategies that help you both attract and retain new clients and provide you insights for solidifying current client relationships. This happens if your white labeled SEO company understands your mission and guides your content keyword use according to your target audience’s interests.

Like most companies, you also probably desire to provide top-notch customer service while keeping costs at minimum. SEO resellers offer you outsourced services that will improve your website visibility and customer satisfaction scores. If the provider you choose delivers what they promise, it can improve your business without the added cost of hiring and training employees to perform SEO tasks.

f) Review their technology – White label dashboard? Automated reports? Automated emails?

When seeking information about white label SEO programs, you also want to review their features. If possible, even sign up for free trials and access the white label SEO dashboard that a firm would provide if you were to use them to take over all your website optimization responsibilities. The best companies typically offer automatic reports and email notifications.

You also would benefit from a white label SEO program that offers as many data customization options as possible based on how you want to view the information about your site visitors and target audience. Testing all the tools if given the chance is the best way to know for sure if the SEO technology provided by a company will serve your purposes.


Gain as much information as you can before you invest in a white label SEO program. As long as you have the best provider, the SEO services will render the increased productivity and revenue you desire.

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