How to get real YouTube views and subscribers

How to get real YouTube views and subscribers

If you are hoping to get real YouTube views and subscribers, you best be ready to put in some hard work. YouTube, and its influence, have continued to grow, making it one of the most influential platforms online.

Increasing your following means building a reputable brand image, channel and can result in profitability. Doing this the right way will leave you with greater rewards for all the time you have spent to plan, create and target the right audience.

Connect with Your Audience

When creating your content you want to connect with your audience as best as you can. This can be done by reply to comments, listening to audience’s advice for following videos or connecting with them on various online platforms.

If you spend some time planning your videos and mastering your content topic, naturally you will get a better response from viewers. Gaining interested and engaged viewers comes with practice; so do not expect to have an army of subscriber’s overnight.

If you take the time to get to know your audience, or use a management system that can do this for you, like, then you can tap into your target market. This will ensure that your video views will grow and increase your subscribers. Interaction with your viewers is the single most important factor in growing your YouTube presence.

Utilise YouTube’s Organic Search Results

Just like Google, YouTube use algorithms to help them to rank the videos that are available when searching any key words. By ensuring that you use very descriptive titles filled with keywords, this can boost your visibility on the site.

It is also important to spend time writing up your videos descriptions, if you can capture your viewers attention in this write up they will view your videos. The more engaging you can be, the better results you will get.

YouTube also offer video tags to help further distinguish what your video is about. This helps it categorise your videos into certain subcategories in its own files, but it can increase your videos online presence too. This way more people will be able to view it, watch it and possibly subscribe to your channel.

Focus on the visuals

Optimising your visual aids range from content creating, to the picture you use for your thumbnail on YouTube. If you invest in your designs and content, it will look much more professional and will gain reputability.

Investing in your hobbies are important, it will focus your content creation, make you take it more seriously and will ultimately improve your online image. Spend some money taking professional photos of yourself for your thumbnail photo, or speak with a graphic designer to help you make a strong brand logo.

The content of your videos are the most important part of your YouTube account, make sure they are relevant, true and fit with your brand image. If you can keep your viewers interested and engaged the likelihood that they will subscribe.

Get up to speed with trends

If you are looking to gain popularity quickly, using popular trends or challenges can help increase your views and general YouTube presence. This is because the market for this video has already been determined and is engaged.

It is important to not change or ruin your own personal brand by doing this. If you can tie in your this viral phenomenon with your own channel, or adapt it as you see fit whilst still engaging new following, you should definitely do so.

Please remember to not drift away from the original purpose of your channel or be considered a sell out. There are various online channels that can help you to bolster your YouTube without having to do this, such as

Use Cards

By this we don’t mean a quick game of blackjack, cards can be used on your videos to promote content. This can either be your own content and videos or to remind viewers to subscribe to your channel.

These cards can also be used to help encourage viewers to donate to worthy causes and provide them with the link them to various websites. You can also link your own website on these cards to increase your sites traffic.

The cards are also a great way to engage with your viewers too. Cards can be used to host polls or ask questions to them. You can use YouTube analytics to find out when users usually stop watching your videos and add a card then. Hopefully this will increase your viewing potential and engage your audience better.

Closing Thoughts

Whilst gaining real YouTube views and subscribers is a longer process, if it is done correctly the rewards you can reap are untold. Taking some time out to understand how YouTube works, improving your online brand and reputation is a needed step towards growth. Without this ultimately your online presence will never be fully appreciated or be stable.

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