Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds (Jeera)

In an Asian household, one of the most important and popularly used herbs is the cumin seeds or jeera. It not only makes your food delicious but also presents a bunch of health benefits. If truth be told, there is no other spice, which can match the health benefits of cumin. Its unique taste and aroma are unprecedented. Cumin is rich in phytochemical compounds, which is also known as the cumin aldehyde, which has excellent medicinal properties, and helps combat epilepsy, diabetes, tumours, and boosts immunity.   

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Consumption of jeera is widespread in Indian households because people in India believe that Jeera has more than a few health benefits. It has caused the popularity of Jeera in the world around. So, here, we will discuss with you the top 8 health benefits of cumin seeds or jeera. 

Jeera promotes digestion

Jeera or cumin is one of the most gut-friendly herbs available naturally. It accelerates the release of pancreatic enzymes and assists in the overall digestion process. Cumin seeds are also an excellent source of essential oils and thymol, which tends to stimulate the salivary gland, and thus, improving digestion. So, anyone who has weak digestion or a poor digestive system is recommended a glass of jeera water as soon as they wake up. It eases digestion and decreases flatulence. Cumin also has Carminative properties, that is, it relieves you from flatulence and improves your appetite and metabolism. Rose, an online educator offering engineering homework help to students, says that she always makes her daughter drink jeera water every time she complains of stomach ache. Well, yes, the presence of magnesium, essential oils, and sodium content in it offers instant relief from stomach ache, if you consume it with hot water. 

Helps in the treatment of Haemorrhoids

Cumin is an excellent dietary fibre, antifungal, carminative, and has good anti-microbial properties. The presence of pyrazines and cumin aldehyde present in jeera acts as a strong laxative. It is also helpful in relieving you from the wounds or infection in your excretory system. Jeera also offers instant relief from haemorrhoids.

Facilitates weight loss

In a recent study, it was proved that cumin seeds also help in promoting weight loss. Cumin seeds not only helps you lose weight faster, but it also alters the fat profile in the body positively by reducing the presence of harmful lipids in the blood.

Helps combat cancer

Cumin contains chemopreventive and detoxifying properties. Following a famous study by the celebrated USA’s Cancer Research Laboratory, it was found that cumin has a potent compound known as cumin aldehyde, which retards the growth of a tumour in the body. 

Cures insomnia

Cumin contains essential oils, which have a hypnotic impact. It has a tranquillizing effect and helps overcome anxiety or stress, which are the two significant causes of insomnia. Jeera also has melatonin, which is a sleep-regulating hormone, along with it, cumin has a reasonable degree of magnesium and iron. All of these compounds regulate brain function and improve your sleep cycle. 

Relieves you from cold and asthma

Jeera has good antifungal, antibacterial, and potent anti-inflammatory properties. All of this make cumin seeds a prominent remedy to get instant relief from cold or asthma. Jeera works as an expectorant, and loosen up the mucus and the phlegm in your respiratory tract. As a result, it gets easier to get rid of it from the body. The essential oil present in the cumin seeds works as a disinfectant, which boosts immunity and keeps infections at bay. 

Boost memory

Daisy, an educator who offers Java Homework Help services, says that she always recommends adequate consumption of cumin seeds to her students, as it has a significant impact on memory. Cumin seeds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, such as niacin, zeaxanthin, vitamin B6, and riboflavin. Thus, consuming jeera can improve the brain function, and make it work better. Cumin is also helpful in promoting mental health and sharpens your memory by nourishing the cells of the brain. 

Soothes skin and treats acne

Cumin has anti-inflammatory properties, which offer you instant relief from stings and allergies. It instantly soothes the skin and aids in controlling inflammation, which may be caused by allergies. The antibacterial properties found in cumin seeds kills the bacteria on the skin and helps you get rid of acne. Thus, for acne-prone people, washing face with cumin water often during the day can keep acne and other skin infections at bay. 

Perfect Cumin Seeds Concoctions to Relieve You from Your Tummy Troubles

  • If you are struggling with the loss of appetite: Take a teaspoon of cumin powder and mix it with ¼ teaspoon of pepper powder together in warm water, and consume it just 30 minutes before your meals. It will stimulate your taste buds, and better the food absorption. 
  • To overcome stomach acidity: Take a teaspoon of jeera powder and mix it with half a teaspoon of coriander powder, together in some lukewarm water. Add to it some sugar, and drink it approximately 20 minutes before your meals. 
  • To get relief from diarrhoea: Take a teaspoon of roasted jeera powder, mix it with three or four fennel seeds, and add to it some dried ginger, together in a glass of warm water. Consume this mix at least three times a day after your meals to get relief from diarrhoea.
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