Friendliest Dog Breeds

Friendliest Dog Breeds

The dog’s loyalty and attachment to man are legendary traits. These lovely animals ennoble human lives and are rightly called their best friends. Being a pup owner is a fantastic thing, and people enjoy it almost as much as animals.

Your four-legged friend is sometimes your best companion. You can walk, play, and even just lay down lazily or cuddle when you need tenderness. Dogs are very sympathetic animals, sensitive to the feelings of their owners. If you need someone to cheer you up, your four-legged friend will be the first to run to you and bring a little joy into your tough day.

Like humans, dogs have different natures. Some are friendly, while others are more restrained and moderate in their relations toward people. As seen on, some breeds are known to be very friendly. Their members are a great choice for families with children, communities with multiple pets, and the elderly who want company.

Kid-Friendly Breeds

Dogs have a lot in common with children when they are small. Both are attention seekers, and their level of consciousness is often close to them. Watching them growing up together is a great thing, as kids who love animals will become better people. It’s no wonder that pups are the best company for children.

If there’s one thing Hollywood movies have taught you, it’s that Golden Retrievers are by far the best dogs for kids. These pups are very smart, tender, love to play and have great respect for kids, especially toddlers. Goldies are very careful and have a great sense of how they should behave with the youngest ones. Also, they love unconditionally, so be ready for a lot of cuddles.

Other friendly breeds are the Yorkshire terriers and the Beagle. These puppies are affectionate toward their tiny humans, but they won’t mind other people around them. You can have peace of mind, as Yorkies and Beagles won’t bite other kids and animals.

The Welsh Corgi is way high on the list of the kid-friendly pups. They were initially bred as companion, herding and guarding dogs. These pups are easily trained but can be a bit stubborn and bossy, so they might not have a lot of patience for small kids. But for preschoolers and older children, these pups are a great choice. See here how to train your four-legged friend to be more tolerant toward kids.

Multi-Pet Families

For animal lovers, the division into cat and dog persons is unfounded. They just love and have them all. As not all dogs are benevolent towards other animals, you should pay attention to choosing a breed that is friendly towards cats and other animals. That will ensure peace in the house.

Regardless of their size, Newfoundlands occupy a high place on the list of friendly pups. They will often take on the role of the protector of your little fur pack, and they also treat kids very nicely. These gentle giants are often unaware of their size, so don’t be surprised if they sit on your lap or head.

The Boston terrier is another of the friendliest dogs around. These animals have a strong but lovable and playful personality. They are very protective and loyal. As for the maintenance, these pups require a bit more attention due to a naturally long coat that must be brushed and groomed regularly.

Due to their peaceful nature, Pugs are a species that owners of several different pets are happy to own. These little guys are very playful, and they won’t mind who their company is as long as they have fun. That’s why they’re a great choice if you have other dogs, cats, parrots, or even guinea pigs.

Best Companionship for Retirees

Older people have welcomed their golden age, and want to enjoy it in a relaxed way. Who can be their better companion than a dog? Still, due to their poorer mobility and more sensitive health, senior people need low-maintenance and not so active pets.

The Bichon Frise meets these requirements, as these dogs don’t shed much. They are loyal, lovable small pups that will be great companions for the elderly. All they need is an occasional walk and a lot of love. Another similar breed that can be a great companion is Shih Tzu, which also doesn’t shed very much during the winter months.

Dogs can be a great hobby and companionship once you get retired. If you are looking for the most affectionate dog to keep as a companion, you may consider the West Highland White Terriers. These small pups exhibit great loyalty and are very devoted. In addition to being affectionate, Westies are very friendly toward all and can even accept other pets, including cats and other animals.

If you are looking for a pet to be a friend and support a disabled family member, the best choice you can make is the German shepherd. This breed is among the most intelligent in the world of dogs. It’s not surprising that they play a significant role in the police, army, and rescue services. These dogs have highly intelligent, inquisitive senses. They possess an uncanny ability to herd people in crowds of several people at once.

The connection between man and dog is primordial because, of all domesticated animals, dogs have developed a special relationship with humans. Even science has shown that the bond between people and their four-legged friends is almost unbreakable. From these tender animals, we can learn a lot about love, trust, and commitment.

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