Filing car accident claims & lawsuits in California

Filing car accident claims & lawsuits in California: Call a lawyer!

It is okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed after a car accident. Sadly, hundreds of auto accidents and car crashes occur in California every year. If you ever get injured in such an accident and believe that the other person is at fault, chances are high that you may be given compensation for your suffering & injury. For that, you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles. In this post, we are sharing more on filing car accident claims & lawsuits in California. 

Know the laws

There is a statute of limitations in California, much like in other states, which allow you a period of three years to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party at fault. The counting starts from the date of the accident. California is also a “pure comparative negligence” state. This means that if a person had a share in the accident, they can recover compensation from the other party at fault, no matter their own share in the blame. However, the compensation will be reduced by the share of that person’s fault. For instance, if you were speeding and the other party’s negligence caused the accident, you will only get a part of the compensation because you were at fault too. 

Do you really need a personal injury lawyer?

While there is no law that states that you have to hire a personal injury lawyer for your insurance claim or eventual lawsuit, this is quite an advantage to consider. Firstly, your lawyer will work in your interest, unlike the insurance company of the party at fault. Their claims adjuster would eventually want to reduce their share of compensation, for which they may try various gimmicks. Your lawyer can help you decide the true value of your claim, if there is scope for a lawsuit, and how you can reduce the hassles in the process. 

Finding the best law firm

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case in LA is as important. You need a firm that you can trust, and the lawyer assigned should have some experience with claims similar to yours. Ask the lawyer if they have handled matters at trial and how they can help your case. An experienced lawyer will do their bit to ensure that clients have all the support they need. 

Talk to a lawyer before you give any statement to anyone of take the next step!

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