Check your Requirements by Knowing the Difference Between Adjustable and Hospital Beds

Check your Requirements by Knowing the Difference Between Adjustable and Hospital Beds

Mattress plays an important role in giving support to your spine. When you visit an orthopedic for your back pain, the first thing they confirm is about your mattress. This is because a mattress is meant to relax your tensed muscles when you rest on it. If your mattress isn’t providing you relief, then there isn’t any point of keeping it at home.

People don’t change their mattress even after years of use because it costs money. However, soreness in the body is usually the first sign of an old mattress. After extreme abrasion, foam breaks and there are lumps that form holes in your mattress. This can hurt your hip and back. This is why a firm mattress is a common recommendation.

Older age is a tough phase of life when your health starts to deteriorate. Your body and immunity may not support you well because of which you always need assistance. Some of the older citizens manage their work well, but others are unable to stay alone and are shifted to a center.

Assistance centers pay special attention to senior citizens as they know they have been shifted here because their family is away and they need proper care. They have special beds with the best mattresses customized for their delicate body and bones. Each mattress has special comfort because it takes them quite an effort to lay on it. Being too soft can give them tough time to get up and too firm a mattress can hurt them in the back and joints.

However, the choices for at-home senior citizens should be completely different. It is wise to consult a physician because if your kid is using a firm mattress, it doesn’t mean that your father will use the same at the age of 80.

A mattress decides your future because you give the foam and spring the opportunity to properly set your spine. This is why in hospitals you will find adjustable beds that are customized, able to meet the needs of all kinds of patients. Old or young, each has its own requirement, hence different departments have different features on their bed.

When a surgical patient is sent home, they shouldn’t use the same old bed that they have been using for years. That is why adjustable beds for homes are made, for an easy life for all patients. Such beds are perfect for those who aren’t able to get up or do anything without assistance. At least an adjustable bed gives them relief of handling certain things independently.

Here are some differences that we can deal with among hospital beds as well as adjustable beds:

  • Designs
  • Size
  • Function


The foundation of an adjustable bed is made of metal or wood so that it gels up with your bedroom’s decor. Their angles can be synced with the assistance of an electric motor and you also get independent foot and head rest. It gives support on the back and neck as well. Some advanced adjustable beds also have pillow support. 

In contrast, hospital beds are completely unique as they are made of metal because it has to perform a lot of movement. Yes, the entire bed is made of metal.

Initially, these beds were stiff with no sensors, but now with requirements there are certain features added as well to make it easier for patients to access with remote in case any nurse isn’t around. The systems are made for patients who can’t control their body completely like rods on sides and at top and bottom.

There are also wheels installed on these beds to move them to different departments instead of disturbing patients to get them in a wheelchair every time.


The size of adjustable beds can be customized. You can get a single bed or double size bed. This way your mattress also gets customized. If you get a single bed, then your mattress can bear the weight of just one person, but if you have an overweight person or at least two people, then you should order your bed accordingly.

As far as a hospital bed is concerned, it is made to carry only one person. It doesn’t matter if the person is lean or obese because the bed frame is made of metal, so there is no chance of damage.


This can be a lengthy part because it’s the features or functionality that helps you decide which bed is suitable for your family member. Let us take them one by one –

Adjustable bed

  • The main reason why adjustable beds are so much in demand is because the top and bottom can be elevated and they have different control sensors so they work independently. This gives you the benefit to do certain tasks on your own, like watching TV or reading books. Plus, when your feet are numb, you can raise the foot side to increase blood circulation.
  • Some adjustable beds also have the feature to massage your back and feet which gives you a soothing effect after a hectic day. This clearly means that they can be used by anyone who feels like relaxing after a bad day.
  • The high technology beds come with USB ports, smartphone controllers, charging points for all your electronic gadgets, smart light for late night vision. All these amenities are enough to make a person lazy.
  • All these features that we have spoken about can be handled with a single remote. These remotes and their buttons on it are user friendly so even an average person can access it conveniently.
  • You can also access the features through your smartphone. Many adjustable bed manufacturers provide you with an app which can be installed on any smart phone and then it can be accessed from there.

Hospital bed

  • Similar to adjustable beds, hospital beds also have movable head and foot sides to keep patients in a sound condition. Often, patients are asked to keep their foot above the level which is difficult hence; they can do it by accessing the foot side with a remote.
  • Patients cannot move and work normally like they do at home, there are certain restrictions that they have to follow. One such problem is getting up and lying back on bed. For this, the bed’s height can be adjusted so that it makes it convenient for patients to get down on a wheelchair and sit back.
  • There are wheels installed on beds so that it can be shifted to any other place apart from their rooms. There are patients who cannot move from their beds at all.Sitting on a wheelchair is difficult for these patients, hence, they lie on bed and wheels are used to move them for surgeries, X-rays, USG, or any other tests. These wheels can be locked when the beds are stationary.
  • Apart from the adjustable head and foot side there are other features as well, like removing rods from both sides or lowering down the bed. All these features are installed in one remote.
  • Apart from remote control, this bed can be accessed electrically as well. However, during power failure, it also has back up in the hospital.

All these features are attractive, but the major drawback about an adjustable bed is that it isn’t approved by FDA which means it isn’t insured. Hence, if you need it for a long-term purpose, then you should buy a good quality hospital bed which is insured.

If you have to buy an adjustable bed, then you will have to spend cash. If it is just for a certain time, then a hospital bed is a perfect choice and can also be insured.

If you need a bed for a prolonged time and with features like smart phone access and massager, then get some money in your pocket and choose an adjustable bed.

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