5 Ways Technology is Revolutionising Online Gaming

5 Ways Technology is Revolutionising Online Gaming

Technology is rapidly changing the face and possibilities in the online gaming industry. It’s not just the gaming industry that is experiencing the effect of technological advancements, other industries around the globe also. The rate at which technology is changing the game is more rapid compared to other industries.

Online gaming owes its existence to technological innovations such as the internet. It comes as no surprise that it keeps on evolving as more technological advancements roll out.

Here are 7 ways technology is revolutionizing the online gaming industry.

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Online gaming made it possible for gamers to play games with a different opponent without being in the same physical location. Virtual reality to it a notch further and solved the problem of a physical environment altogether.

VR allows players to experience the game fully without feeling any direction from the physical environment. It makes the game more real and allows you to feel the actions such as swinging a sword and throwing a punch.

Most virtual reality games are available in gaming houses, due to the high cost of owning a personal VR game. Fortunately, the price of VR games is dropping and more people can buy home VR equipment.

2. Cryptocurrency

Gone are the days when bank transfers, e-wallets, debit, and credit cards accounted for all the methods for paying or receiving money from online gambling. Cryptocurrencies are a hot payment option many casinos such as Casinokokemus are offering.

Now you can buy and play online games with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many online casinos now accept cryptocurrencies and some even give the option of paying your winnings in the digital currency. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency used.

The online gaming industry is one of the first industries in the world to accept the use of cryptocurrencies as a lender tender. Even in a period where there were so many doubts about it.

Today, there are online gaming websites that run exclusively on the cryptocurrency framework. They only accept deposits and payout withdrawals in cryptocurrencies.

3. Facial Recognition

It’s not only smartphones and laptops that use facial recognition technology. This year, the online gaming industry is positively integrating facial recognition into its games. It is too early to dodge as the technology is more or less in the testing stage, but already there are huge potentials for the technology to change online gaming as we know it.

The potential benefits of facial recognition to online gaming is massive. It will help tighten security and give room for more personalization.

On security, you can catch a glimpse of how it will work in online gaming by looking at how facial recognition works security-wise in other settings. Take out your smartphone or laptops (latest models), there’s an option of using facial technology. It scans your face and saves it so when next your phone locks, you just position your face in front of the device and it unlocks.

This way, you keep out unwanted people from accessing your phone as they need your face to unlock the phone. The same security process works for online games that integrate facial recognition technology. This technology serves as a human QR code unique to everyone.

On personalization, facial recognition can allow for the capture of players’ images to use to represent themselves in online games. This is way better than using fictional characters or avatars. Face recognition technology will allow online games to analyze players’ faces and produce characters with a resemblance to them.

4. Artificial Intelligence

This topic attracts lots of buzzes every year. This year, artificial intelligence in online gaming is growing. Games already have some form of Artificial Intelligence to operate, but this AI had its limits. With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence, games are now more realistic, offer more options and limitless possibilities.

The notable advancement in AI as it relates to online gaming is the improvement in the response of game avatars. Old online games usually have a limited set of responses. For example, the number of moves you can make to defeat the enemy was few and not varied enough. Now, with AI, there is no limit to the number of responses giving the game an unpredictable human touch.

5. Mobile Gaming

It’s the future of gaming. In 2019, mobile games generated $68 billion in revenue, about 45% of the online gaming market. Mobile is without doubt the biggest and most profitable gaming platform. About 2.4 billion people play games on their mobile phones.

The development of this relatively new industry continues this year, with more and more games previously confined to games consoles now available on mobile.


Technology is always evolving for the better. This is one statement that will always be true every time. The online gaming industry benefits greatly from these innovations as it banks on it to make games more appealing and exciting for players.

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